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How to Make a Temporary Travel Last Will

This is an easy step for a bit of additional peace of mind. A temporary travel will before a vacation can help people know your wishes if anything should happen to you.
Make a Temporary Travel Last Will


  1. A temporary will is not a replacement for a permanent Last Will and Testament drawn up with a qualified attorney at law. However it is usually considered legal and binding. When my wife and I travel on occasion without our kids we will always draft a temporary will in case of an auto or plane accident or something that would hospitalize or kill both of us. We don’t tell our young kids about it, we don’t want to worry them, but leave it with a parent, sibling, or close friend. Usually we leave it with whomever is watching our kids.
  2. A temporary will should be dated. It should spell out who you would like to be in charge of your children if you both should die. It should tell where important papers are and where a primary bank account is and who (by full name)should have access to those funds and documents in an emergency. It can also address your wishes as far as medical care. You can authorize someone to make medical decisions on your behalf if both you and your spouse or companion are unable. Where we had relatives of a different faith we even spelled out the church we desired our young kids to attend until they were old enough to decide that themselves. They fully understood and agreed.
  3. This type of will should be signed and dated by both of you, and ideally a witness or two as well. Once finished seal it in an envelope and leave it with instructions. It is of great use and will hold weight with a probate court if you don’t have a permanent will. A recent temporary will can actually hold some weight over a formal legally drafted will, as it would be of a more recent date. Use this if you need something clarified before a trip. If you would like to notarize your signatures that is an additional safeguard that your wishes will be followed but not necessary to make it valid.

How to Plan a Disney Vacation for a Large Family

             Disney theme parks are a vacation children dream of and parents want to give. There are many locations to choose from and you can personalize the trip to suit your needs and your budget. Disney package deals can be found and for less than you might think. Here are some tips on how to plan a Disney vacation for a large family, so you can enjoy as much of Disney as possible without sending you to the poor house. Disney is a wonderful place to take your family on vacation. Plan ahead and search around for the best deals.


  1. Ask yourself if you want a relaxing getaway or do you want the excitement and thrills. It is quite possible you may want some of both.
  2. Decide who and how many are going with you. If you and your significant other are going, your itinerary will be vastly different from that of parents with a preschooler.
  3. Decide if you will use a travel agent or booking service. Many travel agents are able to secure lower airfares, hotel rates and attraction tickets at a reduced price from what the general public might play. You certainly can book all the arrangements yourself, but you may be missing out on some great packages or vacation deals.
  4. Plan your traveling arrangements. A large family will be costly, if you decide to fly. Of course, the rise in gas prices can be hard on a large family as well. Decide which means of travel is best suited for your family.
  5. Be aware that if you book a flight over 21 days in advance, you will get a substantially lower rate than if you book the week before you leave. To save some extra cash, try to find a flight that leaves on Tuesday or Wednesday. These are often the cheaper days to fly. If your children are older, you might also consider a red eye flight. Many times these flights can save you another 30 percent off a regular daytime airline ticket.
  6. Try to find a hotel located on a Disney property. There are some very substantial benefits to staying there. You will be provided transportation. The park has transportation to and from the hotels. Disney also has the Magic Express, which will take your bags from the airport to your room. It might, however, take up to four hours for you to receive them. A great bonus to a Disney property is how you can have your souvenirs delivered to your hotel room. This is a great way to keep from carrying toys and such from your children all over the park.
  7. Consider purchasing the Park Hopper Pass. You can enter all the parks, and some of the water ones, too. You can go from park to park at your leisure. If you buy the complete Disney pass, you will find your park passes, room keys, and credit card can be in one Disney card. It is a great way to keep from losing something.
  8. Check out additional special offers. Disney has many special offers. Extra Magic Hours allow a Disney hotel guest to enter the park after it is closed. This is great fun because you may not experience any lines for the rides. Dining plans are also available and usually will pay for themselves after the first meal.

Vietnam Tour Have Something For Everyone

Surprising though it may seem too many, Vietnam is establishing a great reputation as a luxury travel destination. So wonderful, Vietnam is exceptional with numerous diverse scenic and splendid landscapes. As magic, some of them are quite similar to other attractions in the world. When it comes to visiting Vietnam, there are several exotic locations and several exciting activities that must be carried out for an unforgettable experience.

Vietnam is one of the most special countries that are ever worth your visit in Asia. In Vietnam, you can find anything from pristine beaches to spectacular mountains, from colonial old charms to the fresh hill stations and from friendly people to the unforgettable cultural interactions. The travel around Vietnam is your best choice if you want to experience the totality of Vietnam: the land, the people, the culture, and the history. To trace the path of the founding of Vietnam, you have to Visit: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon and Mekong River Delta etc.

Vietnam vacations introduce visitors to a landscape that echoes with ancient wonders and the French colonial influence. Vietnam Tour is the showcase of finest luxury tours from each category; this tour offers you the highest standards with the very best of experiences, making this luxury in every way. There are many options of sites for one to go see when on a tour. In Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay is a must-see destination, while Sapa brings you an authentic feeling of mountainous life. In Central Vietnam, Hue, Hoi An and their attractions deserves a longer stay where you will enjoy sandy beach, royal relics and best walking tour. In the South, you should not miss an experience by Mekong Delta either by bike or by boat. There are a lot to see, many things to enjoy for a trip from Ho Chi Minh to this verdant land.

If you would prefer to create your own itinerary, WELCOME VIETNAM TOURS will be more than happy to assist you in putting together the perfect journey that best suits your schedule and interests. Each tour has been handpicked by one our Travel Experts who have great experiences in Vietnam and are able to listen to both your popular and high-end requests then give you the most suitable advices for luxury hotels and luxury service during your trip. We are confident that your visit to Vietnam will be memorable and look forward to assisting you customize your dream vacation.

Vietnam is one of the most special countries that are ever worth your visit in Asia. When it comes to start a Vietnam tour, this country is to give you the ultimate enjoyment that must be carried out for a once in a lifetime experience.

How to Apply for a USA Holiday Visa

A U.S. holiday visa is a non-immigrant visa for tourist purposes. Before you apply for one, check that you are not already entitled to travel to the U.S. without a visa. The United States operates a Visa Waiver Program for foreign citizens from eligible countries. This allows you to apply only for a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA, approval, which is straightforward. Canadian and Bermudan citizens also normally can travel without a visa for tourism purposes.


  1. Gather supporting documents that state the reason for your trip and your intention to remain for a specific, limited period. These may include your itinerary, return flight ticket and your accommodation arrangements. Prepare evidence of funds to cover expenses during your visit and documents that show social and economic ties abroad, such as a residence outside the United States and employment information that will ensure your departure at the end of your visit.
  2. Apply to the U.S. embassy or consulate in your country of permanent residence. It is not impossible to qualify for the visa outside your country of permanent residence, but it can be more difficult for you to demonstrate ties to a country other than your place of permanent residence. With few exceptions for age and other criteria, an interview is required. Visa wait times for interview appointments vary.
  3. Go to the U.S. embassy for your prearranged appointment time and date. Submit fingerprint scans and answer questions during the interview. You are asked about your travel plans. The burden of proving intention to return home rests on the foreign traveler. Documents showing family ties or employment may suffice for these purposes. Wait for application approval or denial notification. Visa processing times vary.

How to Plan a Holiday Trip

Each year, millions of people load up the family car and set out on a holiday trip. Whether it’s to grandma’s house, a family reunion or simply a holiday getaway, these yearly road trips can often be the source of dread and stress. The thought of being trapped in the car with restless children or the possibility of car trouble along the way is enough to make anyone consider staying home. Luckily, with a little planning, these situations can be avoided.


  1. Plan out the route for your car trip. If you’re planning on driving to your holiday destination, a little planning can help make your trip easy and uneventful. Consider your starting point and desired destination, and investigate several possible routes. Remember, it’s likely that you won’t be the only person on the road during the holidays, and traffic is always a factor. Alternate routes or shortcuts can help reduce time spent in traffic jams and get you to your destination sooner. This information can also come in handy in case of detours, road construction or other situations that might block your primary route.
  2. Book airline tickets. Although traveling by air can be quick and convenient, it can also be much more expensive. Start planning your trip early to take advantage of advance purchase discounts and avoid sold out flights. Many airlines become extremely busy during the holidays so booking in advance can also help ensure that you get the flights that you want. High traffic destinations such as New York, Los Angeles or Atlanta can be extremely congested during the holidays. If you have the option, consider booking your flight to a nearby airport and renting a car for the short drive to your destination.
  3. Consider your luggage needs. If you’re traveling by car, the issue of luggage is only important with regards to the amount of room needed. Before you begin packing, think about how many people will be in your vehicle and how much room they will need to travel comfortably. This could affect the number of bags that you can take along. For traveling by air, the number of bags that you take is a much bigger concern. Not only is the possibility of lost luggage an issue, but most airlines now charge extra for checked baggage. For a family of four, carrying a few bags each could result in several hundred dollars worth of baggage fees during your trip. Try to pack as lightly as possible.
  4. Plan your trip to avoid peak travel times. If you have the flexibility, consider planning your travel on days or during times when you are less likely to encounter others. Highways are typically more busy on Fridays and Sundays, so traveling on Tuesday or Thursday will help you to avoid traffic jams. Traveling at night is also a great way to miss the traffic and the kids will sleep during the trip. Although the same general theory works for airline travel, overnight travel is not usually an option. Airline websites often show the difference in fares during non-peak times, which can help you plan your trip. Traveling during non-peak times can also reduce the possibility of delays or canceled flights.
  5. Consider alternative travel options. As an alternative to driving or flying, check into the possibility of traveling by train, bus or even boat. These options will allow you to enjoy your trip and reduce the stress of driving or running through airports. Given that these options are less popular, you can also find great deals on holiday travel.

4 Important Travel Safety Tips for College Students

The truth of the matter is that traveling in college can be exhilarating and exciting. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are at risk or danger, you could be in serious trouble. Other countries may have a similar crime rate to where you come from, but there is often a different culture of crime and tourists are a lot more susceptible. On top of that, petty crimes, like theft and pick-pocketing, are not that frowned upon. However, there are some countries that are quite dangerous and the crime rate is quite high, which is why you should stay out of the roughest neighborhoods. It is important to remember that you are not immune to the world’s violence, especially when you are in someone else’s backyard. Here are four important travel safety tips for college students.

  1. Never Get in a Car with a Stranger

Of course, if a car comes to pick you up, you want to make sure it is the right car. Sometimes, you may think you are getting into a taxi, but are actually entering the web of a mugger who is using the taxi as a ploy. Also, it is important to know that if a suspicious car pulls up and asks you to get in, you want to run and hide as fast as possible, because it could be someone looking to take advantage of you.

  1. Always Check Credentials when it Comes to Authorities

If the car that pulls up is a police officer’s car, but you seem suspicious, you want to ask for credentials. In some foreign countries, people pretend to be the police and then try to trick tourists. Indeed, some of these people actually use real police cars and uniforms, which can make things quite confusing. Whether you are taking a study abroad program with UC Santa Barbara or Maryville University, you want to be as weary as possible when someone addresses himself or herself as a police officer – you just never know. In some countries, you may even want to be wary about the real police.

  1. Create a Buddy System
    It is highly recommended that you travel with a friend when traveling abroad. This is important when you walk back home at night and early in the morning. This is especially important if you feel like have had too much drink or are too tired. You just want to be very aware of your surroundings. If you aren’t, you could be in a lot of trouble. If you don’t have a buddy, you may want to call a cab to take you home.
  1. Keep a Bottle of Pepper Spray with You

On top of everything, you may want to think about carrying pepper spray with you. Pepper spray is a deterrent that could save your life in the instance that you are attacked. It is critical that you use it only when there is an imminent threat. Also, you want to be sure that you keep it safe on your person when it is not in use.

The Best College Majors for Travel Lovers

There are all kinds of degree programs that can lead to exciting careers, which involve extensive traveling, and they are as varied as they are thrilling. Whether you are attending Chicago State University or Marylhurst Online, you can find a degree program that will enable you to see the world and make a living while doing it. In the end, though, it’s all about knowing how to apply your talents in a professional manner so that you can lead a life that is as lucrative as it is rewarding. If you’re not quite sure how that’s possible, here are the best college majors for travel lovers.

Bachelor’s in Travel Services, Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality or tourism management are usually the central focus of this type of degree. You will be able to find employment in hotels and resorts where you would be managing all kinds of staff members, from the concierge, to the bell hops, to the servers within the restaurant. You could also be responsible for developing connections between a hotel and neighboring tourism businesses.

Bachelor of Arts in Service Management

With this degree you could find employment with a hotel wherein you would be helping to attract and maintain customers. You could be coordinating events and making sure the programming within the hotel is serving the branding efforts that are being developed by the hotel. You could also be in charge of managing the restaurant, designing the menu, or simply managing inventory and expenses.

Bachelor of Arts in English as a Second Language

With your degree in ESL you could travel all over the world teaching English. Since English is the international language, everyone in the world needs to develop fluency in order to open the doors of opportunity in just about every field of business. You can choose to work with just about any age level or in any country you like, so long as you have earned your degree from a highly reputable college.

Field Engineering

These days, we are constantly trying to find better ways to capitalize on renewable energy so that we can reduce our carbon footprint. One of the best jobs for travel lovers is that of a field engineer because it involves finding intelligent ways to install all kinds of equipment into a multitude of terrains so that natural solar, wind, and geothermal energy can be harnessed in a safe and intelligent way.


If you have always had a knack for taking photographs and a very strong wanderlust, then you might want to consider becoming a photojournalist. You will definitely need to be a very courageous person because the state of affairs all over the world is growing ever more precarious. But if you have a passion for capturing truthful portraits from places that are relatively unknown, then you could definitely find yourself on life-changing adventures, taking award-winning photographs. You just want to make sure that you always know what you’re walking into, and you need to know when and when not to take a picture.

Guidelines for Selecting the Best and the Cheap Cruise

Spotting your best holiday trip is the most exciting one and it also brings curiosity and raise up your intention to spot out the ever best vacation trip in your life.
New-Cruise-Ships_v12_8 (2)It is usually unforgettable moment when you select your vacation spot with the cruise, but if you select the best ever spot that would be the most lovable moment in your life. Most of the people spend their most of the time by selecting the right cruise trip for their vacation at the right cost of rate or at the cheapest deals. Therefore in this ways the people intention will change as according to the financial position. Some may have the idea of spending on the top most luxury cruise for their trip and some feel that it is better to go on the good level cruise.

Find Out the Best and the Cheapest Cruise

In this way each and every people seek for their own satisfaction. However finding the best cruise at cheap deal is not at all an easiest task and that too finding the cruise at the last moment is the most important one. It is defined as the rough the last minute cruise trip. Search in the internet and find out the best cruise agent and also get opinion from the persons who have already experienced the cruise. And so get the best compliment from the friends and other persons; this may helps you in finding the best cruise. How to Find Cruise Vacations & Cheap Cruise Deals, for this solution there are lots of sites with addictive information for you to make a perfect trip in your life. With all those information you can sharp your mind for the best cruise vacation. They are most of the sites that provides you the best information and tips for a better cruise trip.

Never try to book the cruise at the last minute, always try to be earlier as much as possible. This would not make to get last minute confusion and also it will provide you in enjoying for the ever best trip in your life time without any more hurry burry. Get the offers from the entire cruise agents you are known with and pick out the right and the best offer for your need. And also see what the facilities are provided by such cruise. With this you could able to find out the best cruise at right cost of deal. Pack up the entire thinks that you are in needed and try to reach the cruise at earlier as possible. Before making your payment, try to visit the cruise once, with that you could able to get to know the faculty and surrounding and also the infrastructure of the cruise and also make your visit in online by looking the restaurant place, through which you can able to come to stable mind about selecting that cruise or not.

Therefore follow all these above tips to have the best cruise trip in your life. Visit here for detail information cruiseweb

Tips for Spending the Day Whale Watching

If you are looking for a fun family adventure this winter, then you should consider a whale watching tour. The northern migration of humpback whales takes them past Sydney from May through August, and their southern migration takes place from August through November. Here are some tips for enjoying a day out on the water looking for whales.

Dress in Warm Clothes

Although it may seem like a mild day, the temperatures on the water will be cooler due to the wind. In addition, migration happens during the rainy season, and you can also expect to get some spray from the water as you move through it. Wear a water resistant coat or jacket, deck shoes to keep from slipping on the deck of the boat and warm clothes underneath your outerwear so you will be comfortable while searching for whales.

Wear Sun Protection

Even though the rest of your body may be covered up so you can keep warm, you need to consider that you will be out on the water and the sun will be reflecting off its surface. Protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays by wearing sunscreen and a hat to shade your face. In addition, you should also wear sunglasses to prevent the glare of the sun from hurting your eyes, and so you can see clearly so you don’t miss the whales.

Buy a Whale Identification Guide

There are other species of whales off the coast of New South Wales, and buying a whale identification brochure will be helpful to you. Being aware of the different whales’ lengths, their colours and patterns, and the shape and size of their dorsal fins will help you identify the whales you see. This will help make your tour fun as you look for different species of whales and help your children spot them.

Humpback Whale Behaviours

When you spot humpback whales while whale watching in Sydney, you may be fortunate enough to see some of their antics. One of the most common things you may see a whale do is breach. This simply means that some or most of its body leaves the water, and it may do that by jumping up out of it.

You may also see some of the whales’ spy-hopping, which means they bring their heads and most of their chests out of the water. Their eyes are just above the surface of the water, which allows them to see what is happening on and above the water’s surface. They may also slap their tales on the surface of the water, which is called lobtailing. This is a way of communicating, showing aggression or trying to scare other fish away.

Taking a whale watching tour can be a fun, educational day for the entire family. It will get you out of the house, away from video games and mobile phones, to spend a day learning about whales and watching their antics. You may even go back for another tour when the weather is warmer.

The Work of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme

In a modern world of choice, convenience and worldwide travel, there are probably very few genuine “once in a lifetime” experiences left. But roaming rolling hills and unspoilt forests with an endangered species must surely be one of them. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme works tirelessly to protect gorilla populations, but it needs our help.


Image Credit

These majestic, powerful creatures are still vulnerable at the hands of humans. Issues like hunting, poaching, pollution and the urbanisation of essential habitats still threaten their survival on a daily basis. Fortunately, the dedicated efforts of the team have meant that the programme has been able to begin to deal with these issues on several fronts: revenue, education and the local community.

A Fight for Survival

Gorilla populations all over the world have been dwindling and were even considered to be facing extinction. The destruction of their natural habitat means the gorillas simply have nowhere to go and cannot thrive. Zoos and conservation projects all over the world have been working hard to breed them in captivity in the hope of releasing them into the wild. The WWF also agrees that gorillas are precious and lists mountain gorillas as “critically endangered”. But it is not merely a case of increasing gorilla numbers. There has to be a corresponding effort to protect their wild habitat. There is no substitute for seeing the animals in their natural environment.

How You Can Help

By considering gorilla trekking as your next unforgettable holiday experience, you would be taking a trip with a conscience. You would give much-needed funds to an initiative that strives to be ethical against huge odds. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme educates communities on how to take care of their local environment and the species within it and encourages opportunities to develop the local economy with tours and local trade. Explore gorilla trekking through Steppes Travel and begin making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Trek

A knowledgeable and passionate guide will be at the forefront of your trip, keeping you safe and the gorillas comfortable and undisturbed. Africa offers some of the most breath-taking natural beauty in the world. There is no better way to experience this magical environment than up close and personal with one of its native species.

Fethiye demre blue cruise- Explore the Turkish magic through a short aquatic trip

5You could have travelled to various sites of tourist’s interest wherein the interim connectivity between the various points in the program had been a flat and boring time. But once you come to the Turkish land, you will discover that innovation in making these transits comprehensive tour packages itself. The blue cruises and gullets services between Fethiye and Demre, two of the Turkish cities are capacitated with all the features that would give you the extreme enjoyment both on the aquatic as well as on the lands together.

Blue Cruises- One thing that you can never afford to miss at Turkey

Lying along the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey features a well developed tourist infrastructure between the various cities. This connectivity is established through  blue cruises or gullets that are rental boats with comprehensive lodging arrangements and covers up the distance between various point in spans of days time that are offered to the tourists as comprehensive tour packages. One of the most notable packages in this lot is the fethiye demre blue cruise services. This is a tour program stretching to a length of there days and two nights that comes in the arrangement of standard Gullets. The voyage sails from Fethiye and is specially designed for the tourists who might not have a longer span of vacation but are still persisting the avail the exotic aquatic amusement at Turkey, which is acclaimed all over the world. This package connects the exposures to the sites of historical significance with the fun times like snorkeling and swimming that can wash off all the fatigues and the stresses that are the outcome of the activities you perceive in your routine days. You go out for the vacation with the prime objective to sooth the strains and upon that perspective this gullet tour package is a safe and reliable option to put your time and money for.

A short tour program that will make you to fall in love with the Turkish hospitality

The tour starting from the harbor at Fethiye, you start to move towards the Butterfly Valley that offers you options of enjoyment like exploring the scenic excellence or o delve in the tranquil-blue water of the ocean. The tour passes through the beach of Oludeniz which is conceived to be the ideal site for the photographers to satisfy their aspirations of getting exquisite snaps. The cruise gets anchored to the rear side of the Lagoon to provide you some merrymaking before you cover up the distance to land at the island of ST. Nicholas, a site of historical monuments. Over the subsequent days, you will move through the cities of Kekova and Kas, getting passed the revered site of Sunken City. You would even be given a time slot to satisfy your shopping temptations. Yet another point of focus would be the Simena Castle that people aspire to witness as an important monument of historical references. The vicinity over the vastness of the ocean will just make you spell bound and the impression will get established in your memory for ever. The tour program would even give you options to give a try to adventures sports like Paragliding that will surely rejuvenate you through its charm and excitements. You would be served with exotic cuisines and can even order for the Turkish Wines and liquors as additional services. This short tour on Fethiye blue cruise will make you to understand the attributes of the excellent hospitality and customer orientations. Thus you make your vacation highly productive in terms of the expenditures you borne for it and the basic objectives that had taken you to move out for the vacation.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Vacation Home

  1. Can I afford a second home?

This is the most important question to ask when thinking about purchasing a second property. There are several factors to consider. Where is the home located? Does it make financial sense to travel to and from the home? Choose a location that doesn’t require expensive flights and high travel costs for a three-day weekend trip. What kind of shape is the property in? You may have to spend extra money on renovations and maintenance after purchasing the second home. The cost to maintain a home regularly is often forgotten and pushed aside when budgeting to buy real estate. Roofing projects, paint jobs, and other long-term investments are costly but necessary to maintain the value of the home. What kind of insurance will the home need? Buying a vacation home may require extra insurance. Get quotes from several companies like before making an offer.

  1. Where should I buy a second home?

2As mentioned previously, it would be wise to invest in a property close to the one you already own. Perhaps there is a beach a few hours away that you enjoy visiting in the summer. Decide on a place that will suit your family and be a good choice in the long run. Do you plan to rent your home? If so, choose a popular place for tourists. Renting your vacation property during unoccupied times can be an excellent way to pay the bills and extra costs that come with owning a second home.

Before purchasing a second home, consider all of the advantages and disadvantages. Consult with real estate professionals in the areas you are looking to invest to see what kind of return you could get on your investment in the future. Although the purchase process can be stressful, the satisfaction of owning a vacation home in a location that you love will be a great reward.

Indian passport: Awful for travel, outstanding for making friends!

India’s passport: Your portal to travel constraints?
Indian tourists typically grumble that they face great deals of restrictions on their journeys as a result of the constraints of the Indian key. Indeed of the 103 nations indexed by Henley’s Visa constraints index, India places # 82nd. This is a poor rating because only 51 nations will enable Indian citizens to either travel there without visa or get a visa on arrival. In comparison, residents of Denmark could enter 169 nations and also Afghans could enter only 26 without should obtain a visa prior to departure.

Nevertheless, allow’s take a look at the silver lining shall we? Over a number of years of travelling, I did uncover some advantages as well as experienced appealing scenarios as a direct result or an indirect consequence of having an Indian key. Continue reading in this lightly humoured post!

Taking a trip with an Indian key? Indeed there are advantages!
1. Travel to Bhutan
Lots of people do unknown where Bhutan is: It’s a little Himalayan autonomous kingdom tucked between India and Tibet (China) that measures it’s success based on a ‘Gross National Happiness’ scale. The location is untouched, uncharted and also ‘off the ruined course’ in perhaps the truest feeling of that tired expression.

For people of many nations on the planet, it sets you back anywhere between $200-$250 a day to see Bhutan as well as they can only do so in directed tours except for special conditions. Indians, on the other hand, can take a trip primarily openly. I had a good time there– backpacking, hitchhiking and going to penis temples. visiting this nation is a golden opportunity and also Indian citizens could do it cheaply!

2. Collect vibrant visas, not just entrance stampsWhen I reveal my passport to travellers from Europe or North America, they are quite shocked by its vivid pages. Without a doubt, as an incentive for all the trouble of preparation and securing travel visas in advance, you reach display colourful stickers along with common entry and exit stamps in your passport.

One more nice things concerning visa sticker labels is that it ends up being simple to remember the exact days of your traveling. Many vacationer visas stand for brief periods, like 2 weeks or a month. My United States visa on the other hand is valid for 10 years; I could travel there anytime.

So you obtain a qualitative incentive for quantitative initiatives … I would gladly trade but considering that I cannot, in the interim, I will take pleasure in the colorful visa sticker labels.

3. Cheaper visa-on-arrival charges
Numerous nations will issue a traveler visa on arrival at the perimeter or at the airport terminal for a fee. Normally the charge for these type of visas relies on reciprocal contracts between both countries, so typically the cost of a visa is various for various nations. For example, when I took a trip to Turkey previously this year, I paid approximately $20 in access costs. For Canadians the entrance charge is about $60. That’s something!

4. Ignite individuals’s curiosity
It’s uncommon ahead across Indian backpackers when you are travelling. I have met a fellow Indian citizen by coincidence just once. I did find individuals of Indian beginning who were naturalized citizens of the first globe, however obviously they do not take a trip on Indian passports so it doesn’t count. As an outcome, each time you blink your Indian passport, you could be guaranteed that border officials, hostel managers, law enforcement agents, etc. will certainly be genuinely thinking about chatting with you. I obtained a dinner invite once, numerous offered tea, and after that once a Russian cop allow me go without any perk.

It always surprises me that India has efficiently maintained her ‘amazing’ oriental picture to a degree. While there is absolutely nothing magical or exotic regarding India– you’ll know that within a minute of arriving there– people will still ask you fascinating inquiries esp after seeing your ticket. You can consistently depend on concerns about eating beef or why Indian gods and also sirens have many hands. Various other concerns consist of Bollywood, circumcision and also wearing a mark on one’s forehead.

5. Power up by pairing with an additional certification
Did you understand that an Indian key without another record, such as a visa from USA/Schengen area or an irreversible resident card of UK/Canada, will open up numerous brand-new nations for travel? For sure, I could obtain a visa-on-arrival at Istanbul since I have a valid United States travel visa + Indian ticket. Similarly I might take a trip to Mexico using my Canadian irreversible resident card + Indian key. Over a dozen new countries instantly came to be a lot more available to me, not calling for a visa authorization prior to separation anymore.

6. Come to be an unsightly target for kidnappings
As well as I am significant here! When I was going to the West Bank from Israel correct, many individuals warned me considering that I looked somewhat Israeli. I backpack and take a trip cheaply, so it is clear that I do not have a lots of non reusable income, however that’s a different tale. Travelers all over the world do get kidnapped from time to time.

However, without over 6,000 Indian nationals languishing behind bars of foreign countries, from a populace of 1.2 billion, it is clear that the federal government of India deals with resource and logistical (and also mindset) challenges to look after all its people. So if you get kidnapped, best of luck, your government is neither pertaining to your rescue nor paying a ransom … seems so assuring!

Taking a trip on an Indian ticket– it’s not that bad afterall.
Other suggestions about the originality of your passport that you would certainly appreciate to add?

Galapagos Tour – Extreme Adventure Is Waiting for You

Travelers of all age groups who’ve a serious feel for nature, adventure and outdoor tours should consider a visit to the Galapagos Islands. Positioned in the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands are one part of the globe that has remained practically untouched by human beings. There’re thirteen foremost isles and only five are occupied. They boast unbelievable wildlife, diverse landscapes, stunning views, and natural splendor. They’re possibly the most renowned for the early visits by Charles Darwin ultimately formed what you know to be the Theory of Evolution following being encouraged by the local wildlife.

There’re several different means to experience the best of Galapagos Islands Tours. Different cruise packages available range from luxurious to economical depends on your tour budget. Tourists first arrive in Ecuador by flight and are shipped to the islets from Quito. Only a single checked bag and 1 carry bag is permitted on the journey to the islets. Because the isles are so close to the equator, the mainstream of your clothes should be light and weather appropriate. The weather in the islets is always pleasing so the climate isn’t essentially a factor in picking the greatest time to tour. However, the off-season from the month of April to May and September to October can offer discounted prices and special deals because sightseeing is reduced throughout those periods. If you are thinking to tour during any other period, plan to book your cruise boats in much advance.

Relying on the tour organization you pick to cruise with, there will be several activities the entire family can occupy in. touring the islet itself is an experience for everybody. There’re several rare species, particularly the lizards, dwelling on the islets that can’t be found anywhere else. There’re eleven diverse classes of giant tortoises, which’s interprets to galapago in Spanish. There’s a huge range of birds and sea lions to see, snorkeling sites to discover, volcanoes to explore, red sandy sea sides to get pleasure from.

Planning a tour to the Galapagos Islands will need a good amount of research to find the best vacation package for your family. There’re many websites that promote the cruise packages and info regarding touring to the islets.

Things To Prepare For Travel In Mexico

Travel and vacation is one of the most unforgettable moments of our life especially if we do it together with our loved ones. However sometimes, we often find ourselves in mazes on where we can go for travel and vacation that can give us unforgettable and at the same time will not hurt our budget.

I am giving you one place where you can enjoy together with your loved ones– why not try travel Mexico? Mexico is a country in Latin America that offers lots of spots for tour and travel, romantic beach vacation, family beach vacations, vacation beach rentals.

Here are some tips in travelling to Mexico:

Preparation is the key to your safety when travelling Mexico. You should start your vacation with a careful and well thought-out plan. Your travel plan should include your budget, where you will be staying, as well as essential information and contact numbers in case emergency arises.

You should have undergone your immunizations before leaving the country and follow all safety precautions while in Mexico. You should also register with the United States Embassy and make sure that you provide a copy of your itinerary with a family member, close friend, co-worker, or neighbor.
You may also need to consider registering with the United States Travel Registration, for more convenience. This can easily be done online. This is a significant precaution to take. It helps to notify the United States Government that you are departing the country. By taking necessary precautions and planning your trip efficiently, you can ensure that your travel and vacation will be what you expected, it will also help to eliminate the chances of a problem occurring.
Staying up to date on present events in Mexico is very essential to timing your trip. You should start watching the news and plan your trip based on what you see. If there are internal conflicts within the Mexican government, you may want to delay your trip for a specific period time.

The value of your passport cannot be overlooked. There are lots of places where your passport, along with other forms of identification will be required. You should make copies of your passport and your tickets and leave them with a close friend or relative. In addition to your passport, you will also need to have other proper forms of identification. This identification usually is picture identification.

The above mention tips and precautions are just a few of the many things to consider in traveling that can help you have the perfect vacation in Mexico. Properly preparing for your travel is the best way to prevent unnecessary problems from arising.

Adventure tours in Dharamsala

McLeodganj is Dharamsala’s traveler city. This is the seat of His Holiness the “Dalai Lama”. The Namgyal shelter is based here and there is a significant Tibetan bunch. McLeodganj moreover holds a British common flavour that does a reversal to the nineteenth Century. Due to its tremendous people of Tibetans and Tibet society, it’s moreover called and known as “The Little Lhasa”.

The vivid sanctuary and Gompas, which mirror the way of life of Tibet, includes fascination for the guest. The Kangra exhibition hall gives an outline of the rich past of the district and then again foundations have been set up to safeguard the Tibetan workmanship, societies and customs.

Expert Elgin, the British Viceroy of India (1862-63) went gaga for the typical greatness of Dharamsala in perspective of its closeness with Scotland, his home in England. Expert Elgin kicked the basin in 1863 while on a visit. He now lies made in the entombment progress of St. John’s Church-in-Wilderness which stays in a comfortable pine timberland between McLeod Ganj and Forsyth Ganj. A Legend has it that Lord Elgin adored Dharamsala so much that he had sent a recommendation to the British ruler to make Dharamsala the midyear capital of India. In any case, the recommendation was slighted. By 1904, Forsyth Ganj and McLeod Ganj had wound up operational centre points of trade , business and power work of Kangra District, But on April 4,1905, as a result of a genuine tremor, whole of the region was smashed. Terrified at the massive obliteration, the British government decided to move the area headquarter work environments to the lower compasses of urge.

Until India accomplished autonomy from Britain on 15 Aug 1947 McLeod Ganj and Forsyth Ganj kept on serving as wellbeing resorts and resting spots for the British Rulers. Yet, this changed when the management of India chose to concede political refuge to the fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatsho, in 1959. In 1960, he was permitted to make McLeod Ganj his base camp. After his landing, exchange, trade and tourism got over again. Since with the Dalai Lama came a large number of Tibetan outcasts, who step by step settled in McLeod Ganj. Amid the most recent three decapod, The Tibetans have combined numerous religious, instructive and social establishments in and around McLeod Ganj, which has helped in conservancy of their way of life. This has been a sharp territory of cheerfulness for the individuals around the globe and accordingly they run at Dharamsala at different times.

Why Royal Park Hotel is the Best Option for Business Trip

When you’re on a business trip, you need to be comfortable and relaxed, ready to tackle meetings, conferences, client, business associates, etc. As your attention is going to be focused on the business side of things, you want to do nothing but rest and enjoy when you return to the hotel after a harrowing day.

You need to stay in a hotel that looks after you, that can provide you with the best rooms, excellent food and drinks and the best in class service. If you’re looking for a great hotel in Lima, you need to look no further than the Royal Park Hotel.


For a business traveler, location is very important and the Royal Park Hotel is very centrally located. San Isidro is the financial hub of Lima with several national and international companies headquartered here. The hotel is also quite close to the suburb of Miraflores, which is an upscale neighborhood and a popular tourist destination.

A great hotel in Lima should be located within easy distance of important architectural sites, parks and monuments. As Royal Park is located in San Isidro, guests will find offices and companies close at hand. You won’t have to commute great distances to meet associates or clients.


When you’re on a business trip, you want you stay somewhere comfortable and relaxing. A great hotel in Lima like the Royal Park will offer you the best of comfort and service. The hotel has several uniquely decorated rooms, all of them with comfortable beds to relax in, with luxurious Peruvian cotton sheets that you’ll love to sink into at the end of a busy day.

Every room is a fine example of luxury and design, allowing you to just sat back and enjoy the lavishness after a hard day’s work. You’ll always feel refreshed when you wake up the following morning.

Business Meetings

If you’re looking to organize conferences, you don’t need to step out of Royal Park. The hotel has five dedicated meeting rooms; The Royal Meeting Room, the Camino Real I Meeting Room, the Camino Real II Meeting Room, the Board Meeting Room and the Golf Meeting Room.

The Golf Meeting Room is reserved for guests residing in the Royal Suite but all these rooms are great for holding meetings in. You and your business associates can comfortably conduct your meetings here. Royal Park Hotel also offers excellent catering services so that you don’t go hungry during long meetings. As a great hotel in Lima, Royal Park always ensures the absolute comfort and satisfaction of its guests at all times.

Exotic Vacations for Singles

Solo travelers are a growing segment of the travel industry.

Singles looking to travel on their own have plenty of options when it comes to exotic vacations. Many travel agencies and tour companies cater to single travelers and offer itineraries with the solo explorer in mind. Some single people enjoy traveling alone, because they are free to do what they want without having to worry about the plans and desires of companion travelers.

Singles Travel International

  • Singles Travel International specializes in the “art of the single traveler,” according to its mission statement. With 25 years of travel experience, Singles Travel International offers a variety of tours, from domestic trips to exotic jaunts a world away, all while catering to the specific needs of single travelers. Planned trips for 2010 include the seven-day “Isle of Crete Rendez-Vous” and 10-day “Luxury Galapagos Cruise & Ecuador,” as well as weekend getaways like the “4th of July Party Cruise” to the Bahamas and “Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.”

O Solo Mio Tours

  • The owner of O Solo Mio Tours started the company in 1991 because she grew “tired of traveling alone,” according to the “New York Times.” Her Los Altos-based tour company plans vacations for singles who feel the same way. O Solo Mio keeps tour groups fairly small and divides travelers into two age groups. The 18-35 tours cater to the younger crowd looking to meet new people during their travels, and the 35 and older trips feature more traditional itineraries. Upcoming jaunts in 2010 include an Alaska cruise, island hopping in Greece and a 10-day tour of Ireland.

Best Single Travel

  • Upcoming tours from Best Single Travel include the “Wonders of Turkey” tour, a singles safari in Kenya, Africa, and the “Running of the Bulls” in Spain. This tour company also features eco-adventures to Costa Rica and Machu Picchu. For the sportier set, Best Single Travel offers a “Surf School” program and skiing jaunts to California, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, as well as multisport tours to far-flung locales such as Morocco, Thailand and Peru.

Club Med Worldwide Resorts

  • For singles who want to experience an exotic beach vacation, Club Med offers all-inclusive packages specifically for solo travelers. Club Med boasts singles resorts in the Bahamas, Martinique, Turkey, Brazil, Turks & Caicos and Italy. Whether you want some time alone on the water or the chance to meet new friends, Club Med takes care of all the details allowing guests to simply let go and enjoy their vacation. Premium Club Med trips include accommodations, all meals and snacks, a variety of entertainment and round trip airfare to the resort.


The Best Vacations for Senior Singles

Senior singles' wanderlust is well catered to by the tourism market.
While many single seniors have both time and freedom to travel, they frequently pay way more than the odds for the privilege. Luckily, numerous niche tour operators specifically cater to the baby boomer market, offering bucket-list adventures that are imaginative, stimulating and affordable.

Worldwide Adventures

  • Smithsonian Journeys, one of Condé Nast Traveler’s top travel specialist picks, organizes adventure tours across the globe with an educational flavor. Seniors can explore the Amazon, an African safari, Antarctica or wonders closer to home such as Yellowstone National Park, the Canadian Rockies and the Lewis and Clark trail, with each tour led by an expert guide. ElderTreks also specializes in travel for the 50-plus market, taking small groups to more than 100 countries on several continents, with adventures as disparate as Ethiopian monastery tours and hiking the jungles of Borneo. The Daily Telegraph recommends Explore for the sheer breadth of its 450 worldwide tours, from an Indian Rail Odyssey to a cruise of the Norwegian fjords. One of the longest-serving tour operators for seniors, Explore promotes room-share no-supplement rates for solo travelers.

Senior Cruises

  • Even though 80 percent of cruise ship passengers are married, solo seniors are well catered to by certain cruise lines. Cruise Critic recommends Norwegian Cruise Lines, voted best cruise line for solo travelers, for its single studio cabins, while Holland America has a wide range of activities for seniors, from enrichment programs to wine tastings. The cruise line even provides dancing partners for single ladies on the longer cruises. According to CNN Travel, Silversea’s luxury Silver Spirit cruise represents the best cruise for singles, with impeccable service and cruises through the Caribbean, South Pacific and Mediterranean. If mobility is an issue, an Alaskan cruise allows passengers to enjoy stunning scenery from the deck. Princess Cruises and Holland America are both veterans of the Alaskan market and have the all-important permits to enter Glacier Bay National Park, one of the most imposing landscapes in the region.

Cultural Tours

  • Travel expert Rick Steves recommends seniors and solo travelers tour Europe in the shoulder season from April to June and September to November to avoid the crowds and secure the lowest hotel rates and air fares. Look also for senior discounts on rail travel, admission to cultural sites and hostel accommodation. Apart from its roster of river cruises, Grand Circle tours specializes in “hub and spoke” tours where guests base themselves in a handful of hotels and use them as bases to explore outward, with highlights including Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Eastern Europe and the cultural capitals of Spain. The Daily Telegraph also picks Andante travel’s archaeological tours among its top solo holidays, with guided group expeditions that explore the legacy of Ancient Egypt and Classical Greece and Rome, among others.

Travel Precautions

  • The bane of the solo senior traveler is paying single room supplements. Travel Weekly recommends a variety of tactics to avoid them. For a start, booking through a tour operator can usually result in supplements being waived as part of a Solo Savings Program, such as that operated by Abercrombie & Kent. Alternatively, solo travelers can sign up for a room share, usually same-sex, on cruises and itineraries. Insurance is another issue — not just travel insurance, for which seniors typically pay more, but also evacuation insurance in case of emergency. Bear in mind, too, that Medicare is not valid outside the U.S. For this reason, the Toronto Star recommends a trip to Europe for seniors, not least because of the excellent health care in case of emergency, but also because of a progressive attitude toward senior travelers.

Wildlife and Nature Attractions Near Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are looking for a wildlife adventure trip, then the Bandhavgarh National Park is your ideal destination. This is one of India’s oldest and biggest national parks. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, this national park is most known for being the home of a large population of Bengal tigers, which are an endangered species. The tiger population in the Bandhavgarh is considered to be one of the highest in India. This natural paradise covers a vast area of 105 square kilometre. It provides a natural habitat for a wide range of fauna and flora, thereby making it a treasured spot for those wildlife and nature lovers. At the Bandhavgarh National Park, adventurous safaris via elephants and jeeps. Travelling through the reserve for a whole day can be tiresome. Don’t worry! There are many convenient and luxury hotels and lodges in Bandhavgarh,where you can rest. Although a long journey to just visit the Bandhavgarh national park is totally worth, this treasured place has more to offer. This God given gift of a national park is also surrounded by many more attractions that are bound to lure you in.

Bandhavgarh Fort:

After a sunny day of safari on the wildlife filled paths of Bandhavgarh, It is only natural to want to spend some pleasant and relaxing time. Well, the Bandhavgarh has a solution for that too – The Bandhavgarh fort. This fort is believed to be more than 2000 years old. It depicts the excellence of the Indian architecture and is loaded with history. It has many sculpture of the Indian God Lord Vishnu, vibrating spiritual aura. Its serene surroundings and pleasant aura demands admiration.

Bhedaghat provides a breath-taking sight to the eyes with grand rock formations that flawlessly flank the serene Narmadha River. These rock formations are naturally formed white marbles which are reflected beautifully on the Narmadha River. There is also adventurous entertainment like ropeway at Bhedaghat. The bustling river continue to a majestic waterfall called the Dhuandhar, which is another product of nature’s wondrous creativity.

Kanha Tiger Reserve:

The wildlife experience does not end at the Bandhavgarh national reserve. The Kanha Tiger Reserve is another must visit place for the wildlife enthusiasts. It is covered with tall bamboo forests and overgrown rolling grasslands, thereby providing an ideal home for the endangered Bengal tigers.

Fossil National Park:

The fossil national park is an interesting place to visit, as it has several floral species preserved finely in the fossil form. This place contains one of the largest collection of preserved floras that were available in India long before 150 million years.

There are many more exciting places near the Bandhavgarh national reserve like the Climber’s point, where one can get the complete aerial view of the bandhavgarh reserve, three cave point, where the brilliance of ancient India architecture is beautifully showcased, and the Village tala, where one can witness the ethnic way of living in an authentic Indian village. With so many attractions and places to visit, one has to spend more than a day at this location, which is also facilitated with many affordable lodges in Bandhavgarh.

Things to look at which deciding on a towing company in Chicago

Though towing services are not completely new in the market, but very few people know what to actually look for while choosing a good towing company in Chicago. The point is that unless you come across any such need, you can’t find answer to this question. We have a perception in our minds that our vehicles are superb and won’t encounter any damage or problem on road. We think we would never come across the need for tow truck service in Chicago. It is a kind of expense for many, or may be for all, who don’t think in this regard.

It is really good if you never come across the need for towing services in the region. But at the same time, there are many people who have encountered this disastrous situation several times and understand the importance of a good and reliable towing company. Irrespective of whether you face it or not, it is always better to register with a good towing company to avoid any inconvenience on road. Let us discuss further on points that need to be checked while deciding on a particular towing company in Chicago.

The very first thing to look for is the prompt response of the company. As it is a kind of emergency, the fasters they respond is the key to selection. If you lag any promptness, it is better to look at another company.

Next thing to look for is their size of the fleet. There is no guarantee that all their vehicles will be available at one time as problems can occur anytime anywhere. The more

vehicles they have, the better services they can deliver to their customers. In addition, you can be rest assured that your call would be answered in the minimum time frame and in the most professional way.

Another crucial thing to look for is the kind of equipment they have. In order to manage any kind of vehicle issue, they should have the right equipment to carry out the repair job. If they fail to get important equipment at one particular point of time, it means they can’t promise to deliver outstanding services.

Before you finalize your decision in this regard, do pay close attention to all the underlying factors to avoid any last minute delay or inconvenience. Your own involvement at the initial state if very much necessary and plays an immense role in ensuring great services.

Cheap Vacations to Yellowstone

Look for the best Yellowstone vacation deals outside of the park.
If planning a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, travelers will want to stay outside of the Park for the best deals. No matter where they choose to enter, the following budget accommodations will help ensure that a vacation to America’s first National Park is as inexpensive as possible. Not all lodging is available year-round—so it is recommended to plan ahead. All prices correct as of early 2010.

West Entrance

  • In West Yellowstone, Montana visitors will want to try The Historic Madison Hotel. Built in 1912, the Madison has a rustic Western feel and, as the oldest hotel in West Yellowstone, it harkens back to the early days of park tourism. There’s a hostel for $30 a night or rooms starting at $49 with a shared bath.

    Travelers should also check out the Lazy G Motel. It offers free Wi-Fi and satellite TV in rooms that start at $61. Guests save more by doing their own cooking in a kitchenette room for an extra $15 a day for a two-day stay or $10 a day for stays longer than three days.

    Historic Madison Hotel
    139 Yellowstone Ave.
    West Yellowstone, MT 59758
    (406) 646-7745

    Lazy G Motel
    123 Hayden Street
    West Yellowstone, MT 59758
    (406) 646-7586

North Entrance

  • In Gardiner, Montana visitors will find the Hillcrest Cottages. Updated cottages are priced based on the number of guests. The cost for a couple will run between $60 and $80 a day.

    Thirty miles north of Gardiner in Pray, Montana is the Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa. The resort offers accommodations for every price range but bargain rooms can be found in the Main Lodge starting at $49. This place is so nice guests may decide not to travel to Yellowstone at all.

    Hillcrest Cottages
    200 Scott Street
    Gardiner, MT. 59030
    (406) 848-7353

    Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa
    Chico Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa

    1 Old Chico Road

    Pray, MT 59065
    (406) 333-4933

South Entrance

  • When visitors leave the Big Sky State, prices start climbing sky high. Jackson, Wyoming is a nice place to visit but to find a good deal on a room travelers will need to get out of town. Colter Bay Village in Grand Teton National Park offers the best deals. Colter Bay offers single tent cabins for $50 a day—or pay $10 more for a semi-private cabin. If visitors can bring their own tent, they can even stay at the campground for only $20.

    Colter Bay Village
    Colter bay on Jackson Lake
    PO Box 240, WY 83013
    (307) 543-3100

East Entrance

  • Fifty miles east of Yellowstone National Park is the small town of Cody, Wyoming. Prices have been climbing there in recent years as tourists flock to the town for its Buffalo Bill heritage but bargains can still be had for patient travelers. Travelers should try to snag an Internet deal at the historic 1902 Irma Hotel or stay at the Cody Budget Host Inn for as little as $55 a day.

    1902 Irma Hotel
    1192 Sheridan Ave.
    Cody, Wyoming 82104
    (307) 587-4221

    Cody Budget Host Inn
    (800) BUD-HOST

How to Travel by Train to Florida

Beautiful beaches are one reason why people go to Florida by train.
Florida is known for its sandy white beaches, multiple theme parks and historic sites. A popular spring break destination, and place to get away from the cold weather in the north, people chose to visit Florida for a wide variety of reasons. While many people may fly or drive to Florida, for some people these are not viable options. The train can get you to Florida faster than a car would with the convenience of the plane.


  1. Decide which city in Florida to visit. In 2010, Amtrak has 20 locations in Florida, not counting bus stops. Amtrak has stops in all of the continental 48 states for your convenience, although you may need some form of transportation to get to the station.
  2. Purchase your ticket. You may purchase the tickets online at Amtrak’s website or by calling 800-872-7245. Ticket prices will vary, depending on your travel dates, the distance from your location to Florida and any current Amtrak specials that might be running. Depending on the distance you are traveling, sleeper cars may be available. Also, different types of tickets are available for different prices, which include dining and better seating.
  3. Prepare your bags. As of 2010, Amtrak allows passengers to bring two carry-on bags and three checked bags. Each bag may not weigh more than 50 lbs. Dangerous objects like firearms, incendiaries, axes, toxic chemicals and clubs are not allowed on trains. Animals, with the exception of service animals, are also prohibited from the trains. Food and beverages are allowed.
  4. Get on the train. Your train ticket will list your local train station along with the date and time of your train. You will need to check in prior to the train leaving. If you are checking in any bags, you will need to be there at least 30 minutes early. When you order your ticket, you have the option of having it mailed to you via US mail or picking it up at the station either by a Quik-Trak kiosk or from a staff member located at your station.
  5. Dining is available on most trains. Certain tickets include the price of a meal. If yours does not, you may also purchase a meal using a credit card.

About all-Inclusive Vacations for Singles

All-inclusive vacations to exotic destinations and other venues allow travelers to enjoy the trip without worrying about the cost of food, drinks and entertainment. Singles who are interested in meeting new people during their trip can take part in planned events and enjoy a gourmet dining experience for a low-stress vacation. An all-inclusive vacation package designed specifically for singles typically take place in a resort setting or on board a cruise ship.


  • Singles’ vacation packages are designed to encourage singles to socialize and meet other singles, and the itinerary typically includes group activities, live entertainment and themed dinners as part of the package. Singles’ vacations are organized by several tour operators and travel companies around the world, and may include a trip aboard a cruise ship or an exotic adventure overseas. All-inclusive vacations allow singles to pay a flat fee for their entire trip; this fee covers the cost of food, accommodations and any activities listed on the itinerary.


  • An all-inclusive vacation package typically includes overnight accommodations at a deluxe hotel, resort or cruise ship cabin; dining at a buffet-style restaurant or sit-down venue; free access to local activities and events; free admission to special events and nightly entertainment; and free cocktails and beverages throughout the trip.


  • Some of the most popular all-inclusive vacation packages and destinations for singles include: resort vacations in St. Martin in the Caribbean; hiking and multi-sport tours to Costa Rica; Club Med vacations to ski resorts in Europe; Sandals Resort vacations in Antigua; and singles’ cruises to Jamaica and the Caribbean aboard cruise ship operators such as Celebrity Cruise Lines and Carnival.


  • Many all-inclusive vacations for singles are offered at rates discounted from other vacation packages; this allows singles to enjoy a deluxe vacation experience without overextending their budget. An all-inclusive vacation also takes the guesswork out of trip planning and reduces the stress involved with putting together an itinerary; singles can just pay their fee and pick and choose from a list of dining options, events and activities during their stay.


  • Singles interested in going on an all-inclusive vacation can work with a travel agent or travel coordinator to book the vacation, or book the vacation themselves through an online all-inclusive vacation website. Every all-inclusive vacation package has limitations, and some events, activities and dining experiences may not be included in the package. Many vacation packages for singles are designed in “tiers” where each level offers different amenities, services and benefits. In most cases, the tour operators or cruise ship will allow travelers to pay a fee to “upgrade” their vacation package to take advantage of benefits available in a different tier.

How to Travel by Train From Miami to New York City

Historic Penn Station, in Midtown Manhattan, is the destination for trains traveling from Miami to New York City.
Passengers traveling by train from Miami, Fla., to New York City will spend more than a full day riding the rails northbound along the eastern seaboard. Though Amtrak is the only passenger rail service operating between Miami and New York, travelers have choices regarding departure times, routes and service levels. Choosing the best options for your individual needs will help to make your travel as enjoyable as possible.


  1. Decide which train service you prefer. Amtrak operates two train lines between Miami and New York. Both the Silver Star line and the Silver Meteor line depart from Miami on most days. Each train makes several stops before reaching New York. The Silver Star service routes passengers through Tampa, Fla., and takes approximately four hours longer to reach New York City than the Silver Meteor takes. Passengers also have the option of disembarking at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station and using a regional train service to reach New York City.
  2. Choose a day and time to depart Miami. Traveling between Miami and New York by train takes approximately 30 hours. Consider carefully the time of year you will be traveling. Take into account possible weather delays when choosing your departure time.
  3. Search for discounts. Amtrak offers discounts to students, seniors, members of AAA and other groups. Identification will often be required to prove your eligibility for a discount. Amtrak sometimes publishes public discounts in advertisements and on its website.
  4. Choose a fare class. Trains between Miami and New York City offer several fare classes based on the type of accommodations. Coach seats are available on both lines. First class options include Viewliner Roomettes and Bedrooms. Viewliner rooms have private bathrooms,furniture that converts between bedding and seating, and special services such as newspaper delivery. Reserving a first-class ticket gains you access to special dining options.
  5. Call Amtrak (1-800-USA-RAIL) or navigate to the Amtrak website to reserve your ticket. Amtrak requires travelers to purchase tickets in advance for both the Silver Meteor and the Silver Star. Obtain information regarding baggage requirements from the Amtrak representative or the Amtrak website.
  6. Arrive at the train station in Miami 30 minutes before your departure time or earlier. Passengers with special needs should arrive earlier.
  7. Follow the directions of Amtrak staff when boarding the train in Miami and disembarking at New York City’s Penn Station.

How to Travel Around Europe By Train

Europe's efficient rail network offers a scenic way to visit the continent.
Compared to flying, travel by train in Europe has the advantage of city center to city center journeys, few restrictions on luggage and a greater chance to socialize along the way. For those visitors planning to tour the summer festivals or mount a cultural campaign, a selection of rail passes simplify the process, while a little planning can reap huge savings.

Buy a Pass

  • Depending on your country of residence, two main options are available. Non-European residents can purchase the Eurail Pass, which covers 24 countries. For a sweeping itinerary, the Global Pass allows travel across all participating countries, while travelers with a narrower focus would be better off taking a Select Pass, which allows travel through four bordering countries, or the Regional Pass, for two-country combinations. European residents, however, can buy the InterRail Pass, whose Global Pass covers 30 countries, while the One Country Pass allows unlimited travel within 27 countries. For the Global Passes, passengers can either choose continuous travel for a defined period, or take a Flexi Pass which allows a certain number of travel days, making it the better option for those who want to spend a longer period of time in just a few destinations.

City to City

  • While passes are ideal for those who plan to travel on three or more consecutive days, for example, or do not have a clear itinerary in mind, train companies increasingly follow the airlines’ model in offering cut-price tickets booked in advance online. Travelers who have a clear itinerary are best served by booking city-to-city tickets at discounted rates, typically three months in advance. This applies above all in Eastern Europe where rail fares are much cheaper. As Jane E Fraser wrote in “The Sydney Morning Herald,” 80 percent of high-speed journeys in Europe require reservations in advance, so confirmed tickets are already a tacit prerequisite. The only drawback to the point-to-point ticket booked online is that it will almost certainly be nonchangeable and nonrefundable.

Travel Restrictions

  • Non-Europeans cannot buy Eurail passes in Europe, while European residents cannot use an InterRail pass for travel within their own country. Both passes must first be activated by obtaining a stamp on the first day of travel from a station official or ticket office, and pass-holders will still need to reserve seats for travel in many Western European countries. “Lonely Planet” warns that there will frequently be extra charges on long-distance trains, particularly in France, Italy and Spain, where a reservation fee is applied, but many travelers will find the charges nominal. Switzerland, Germany and Austria do not usually require compulsory reservation. For overnight journeys, passengers have the option of reclining seat, couchette — shared compartment — or a private sleeper cabin. Travelers under 26 or over 60 should also look out for some very attractive discounts.

Where to Go

  • Passengers with a Global Pass could theoretically travel from Ireland in the West to Turkey in the East, although travel on the EuroTunnel beneath the English Channel is not included. National Geographic recommends a handful of iconic journeys that are possible using a pass, among which are The Chocolate Train, which runs through the Swiss mountains from Montreux to Broc, and the Balkan Flexipass, which whistles through the former Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece and Turkey. Rick Steves, however, recommends against investing in a rail pass for southern Spain, Ireland, Croatia and Greece because the rail network is so limited. Also, be warned that high-speed services in Italy and the Thalys service, which serves Paris and Amsterdam, both charge hefty supplements.

How to Travel From London to France by Train

One of the easiest and least stressful ways to travel from London to France is by train. The Eurostar is a high-speed passenger train that can take you directly from London to France via the Channel Tunnel. The Eurostar is faster than flying and is often more comfortable and reliable. It will take you directly into Lille or Paris, France in about 2 to 2.5 hours. From Lille or Paris, you can then take a TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse or high speed train) to most of the other major cities in France.

The Eurostar will take you from London to France.


  1. Create your travel itinerary. Determine the dates and time you’d like to leave London by train for France. Also, decide what your final destination city will be to determine whether or not you need to catch a connecting train. Once you have your itinerary planned you can move on to booking your trip.
  2. Decide what seat is right for you. Eurostar has three classes, ranked highest to lowest in cost: Business First Class, Leisure First Class, and Standard Class. All seats on Eurostar must be booked in advance to secure a reservation. Both types of first class seats are identical and offer meals and beverages with the main difference being ticket flexibility. Standard Class is more affordable, but does not provide meals or beverages. You can request your exact seat, based on availability, by viewing the seating plan on the Eurostar website.
  3. Book your trip on the Eurostar from London to Lille or Paris, France. The easiest and cheapest way to buy tickets is online at the Eurostar website. Your tickets can be printed off of your PC or you can pick them up at the station before your departure. Tickets can only be mailed to a United Kingdom, French or Belgian address. You can also book by calling Eurostar directly where you can speak to a travel representative. The Eurostar telephone number can be found on its website. Tickets can booked up to four months prior to departure.
  4. Book your trip from Lille or Paris to your next location, if needed. If you are going beyond Paris or Lille, it is easiest to buy your tickets in advance from Rail Europe. Type in your departure and arrival location with your requested dates and a list of options will appear. Tickets will be mailed to you or you can print them in the form of an E-ticket. You can also have a Rail Europe agent help you by calling the toll free number provided on its website. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also purchase tickets the day of your travel. However, seating availability is not guaranteed. If it’s imperative that you catch a specific train, it is always recommended to book a reservation in advance.

 All-Inclusive California Disneyland Vacations

All-Inclusive California Disneyland Vacations

Maybe it is time to capture a little fairy dust at Walt Disney’s original Disneyland Park and its newest addition, Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. The Disneyland website provides a unique cafeteria-style menu selection for booking an all-inclusive vacation package. You may want to consider all available options for your escape to the Magic Kingdom.


  • The Disneyland online booking website offers two attractive all-inclusive vacation packages, the moderately priced Good Neighbor Hotel Package and the Resort Hotel Vacation Package.


  • An all-inclusive California Disney vacation includes your choice of moderate to resort-type hotels, a selection of “park hopper” tickets, breakfast with Disney characters, dining in Disneyland, shuttle services, souvenirs and special performances. A “park hopper” ticket provides entrance to both Disney theme parks for the length of your stay or preferences. You choose the package and added amenities to fit your budget and interests.

Good Neighbor Hotels

  • Good Neighbor Hotels are located close to Disneyland and, although moderately priced, offer an array of amenities. The Anaheim Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites and Best Western Pavilion are examples of the types of accommodations offered. Some hotels offer free breakfast microwaves, refrigerators, suites and shuttle services. All Good Neighbor Hotels offer swimming pools, Wi-Fi, cable TV and other amenities. Special discounts may apply at the time of booking that include third night free or percentage discounts

Resort Hotels

  • Disney resort hotels are the original Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Each of the resorts offers the maximum in comfort and amenities near the heart of the theme parks. The Grand Californian has a Disney vintage motif. The Paradise Pier offers a Disney seaside theme with a water slide. The original Disneyland Hotel offers the world-renowned monorail ride to the entrance of Disneyland.

Alternative Booking

  • Popular online booking sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline and others offer all -inclusive California Disneyland vacation packages. Vacation packages include flight, hotel, Disneyland “park hopper” tickets, Disney character meals, rental cars, shuttle service and complimentary breakfast. You choose the travel itinerary, hotel, “park hopper” ticket and other personal choices and the website genie does the rest. All you need to do is input your credit card information and a confirmed itinerary is available for your records.

Airline and Special Hotel Packages

  • United Airlines and American Airlines offer package hotel and flight packages including the option to add “park hopper” tickets for both Disneyland’s theme parks. The Portofino Inn & Suites, across the street from Disneyland, offers a special all-inclusive Disneyland vacation. The Portofino offers kids suites, deluxe rooms with Disneyland theme park admissions in affordable two-day, three-day and four-day package deals.

2 perfect tips to add to your tailor made Honeymoon Packages in Maldives!

2 perfect tips to add to your tailor made Honeymoon Packages in Maldives!

Are you fascinated by those pictures of couples holding hands by beaches or couples having a romantic dinner on a candle light table with ocean besides? Well if that is the case then Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. Honeymoon in Maldives is definitely a perfect ending to your wedding and an apt start to your new life. If you are planning to give that perfect beginning to your new life then start looking for good honeymoon packages in Maldives. At times the general packages offered by tours are not appealing to you. Well if this happens do not worry. There are many good tours who offer tailor made honeymoon packages in Maldives for people looking for a special trip.

While you are planning for a tailor made honeymoon package ensure that you are quite clear with what you are looking for. If you are specific with your requirements with your travel agent then designing your package will becomes simpler for you. Also you will get what you are looking for. There are certain tips that can help you plan a perfect honeymoon with your partner in Maldives.

Plan for a leisure trip

When you look for honeymoon packages in Maldives, whether tailor made or general ones always keep lots of time to spend in leisure. Understand one thing that you are going for honeymoon and not on a vacation. Therefore you do not have to cover every place. It needs to be a leisure trip. Therefore let your travel agent know not to make your trip too hectic by including too many places to visit. Less traveling and more rest should be your mantra for your honeymoon.

Do book a spa

Spa is a must when you go on a honeymoon. This is best way to ooze out all your wedding stress is by taking a good body spa. Maldives is a place where you get the best couple spas. Most of the resorts include spas in their package. If at all you are planning to book any package where a spa date is not included, check resorts that have such a facility. A spa date will definitely make your honeymoon the most remembered.

These are the two secret hints that will make your honeymoon the best. Thus, while browsing honeymoon packages in Maldives concentrating on these things will definitely help you bag a perfect deal..

How to Travel by Train in Canada With Kids

Comparable to Amtrak in the United States, Via is the long-distance railway in Canada. Vacationing with your family by train allows you and your children to see the changing landscape and have room to get up and walk around. There is always at least one dining car and a snack bar or two to keep your children satiated.
Since sleeping accommodations are provided on the train, you don’t have to worry about hotel nights, and since only the most severe weather can slow down a train, you don’t need to worry about delays and missed flights. Train vacations are also generally more affordable than air or cruise travel.


  1. Narrow down your travel dates. Assuming your children are school age, plan your travel accordingly, which may limit the number of itineraries available. Look at the school calendar to determine the best dates for your family’s trip and see how many days you think are appropriate. Your budget may also determine the length of the trip you can take.

    Children get discounted tickets, at least through the end of 2011. Infants under 24 months old are free if are seated in an adult’s lap. Children ages 2 to 11 travel for half fare provided your family is traveling in economy class. If you are traveling in an upgraded class, reduced fares are available. Ages 12 to 17 pay a reduced fare in all classes.

  2. Visit the VIA Canada website and purchase an itinerary. You can begin your search for possible train vacations with your starting city, ending city or both. There are trips that are particularly suited to families, which will be mentioned in the description of the package. Many of the Via vacation packages include excursions at destinations along the route, as well as rental cars and hotel nights in the primary destination.
  3. Pack for your trip according to the railway’s requirements. Via offers a downloadable pamphlet outlining baggage guidelines on its website. You are generally limited to two pieces of carry-on luggage weighing less than 50 pounds each. You may also check three to four pieces of baggage free of charge per ticketed passenger, and an additional two to three pieces for a fee.

    Since you and your children will be treating your seats on the train like your hotel room for the time you are traveling, pack some entertainment to occupy the kids if the scenery isn’t likely to keep them amused.

  4. Arrive at least an hour early for your train trip to check baggage and find your seats. Familiarize yourself and your children with the locations of the restrooms, dining car and the Skyline car if you are in the Sleeper Touring class.
  5. Work on the Kids Activity Book with your children. This is a free activity book available on most Via trains. There are coloring pages, games and cut-and-paste activities for kids to enjoy.
  6. Attend the scheduled activities in the Skyline car, which is a panoramic viewing car with glass windows over the ceiling. Passengers traveling in the Sleeper Touring class of the Toronto-Vancouver line can attend activities and movies every morning from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

    Inquire of your conductor about children’s activities, and take advantage of the passing scenery in the panoramic dome cars on any train.

International Air Travel Packing Tips

Packing for international travel can be a challenge. Each airline has its own regulations for baggage allowance, and airport security can be difficult to negotiate. There is also the uncertainty of going to a new place and dealing with a new and possibly unfamiliar environment. The best way to pack for an international trip is to be aware of airport and airline restrictions for carry-on and check-in luggage, and to be adequately prepared for the unexpected.

Pack wisely for international travel.

Place Valuables in Carry-on Luggage

  • Carry-on luggage can be used to pack a day’s change of clothes as well as essentials and valuables that cannot easily be replaced at the destination. It’s also a good place to put documents, non-liquid medications, smaller electronics and heavy items, such as books, that do not fit into your checked baggage because of weight restrictions. For ease of access, place your essential travel documents — passport, ticket or ticket reference number and customs forms — in an easy-to-reach part of your handbag or carry-on.

Weigh Luggage Carefully Before Getting to Airport

  • Baggage policies for check-in luggage vary by airline, so check with their website before you travel for specifics on maximum weight allowed, number of free baggage allowed per passenger, excess baggage fees and items that need to be handled specially. To avoid unnecessary expenses at the airport, weigh your bags beforehand and distribute weight evenly among them. Also, consider placing some of your heavier items, like books or shoes, in smaller bags (or in your hand luggage).

Pack for Your Destination

  • Although easier said than done, packing for your destination is essential. Do some research about the place you will be going to before you get there. Find out what kind of weather you will encounter, the socially acceptable modes of dressing, and the challenges you might have in getting access to some items that you may need during your stay. Although it may be tempting to carry a lot with you, travel light since you will have to lug all your baggage around — and keep it secure — once you’ve landed overseas.

Secure Your Belongings

  • Make sure your address and telephone number are on the luggage tag as well as inside the luggage to increase your chances of recovering it if it becomes misplaced. Also, to prevent mix-ups at the baggage claim area, make sure you can easily identify your bags by tying a small ribbon around the handles. To secure your belongings inside the luggage and prevent accidental spills on your clothing, secure liquid containers by placing them in plastic bags or by putting plastic over the cap before screwing on the cap. Remember, aerosol cans should not be carried on board as the decompressed nature of the cabin may cause them to explode.

How to Plan a Train Travel Route

Traveling by train provides ease and comfort along with scenic natural beauty on many routes through the countryside. Arriving in a city or town by train offers advantages over both air travel and driving. If you fly, you need to find your way from the airport to the town center because airports are generally located outside a city or town. If you drive, you have to find a safe place to park your car. On the other hand, the train drops you in or near the center of town, the usual location for train stations. Just grab your bag, walk out of the station, and you’re there.


  1. List all the places you would like to visit on the trip. Rate the places in order of importance to you and decide how long you intend to spend at each stop.
  2. Scan the railway map to see what stations have railway lines running between them. Make a preliminary list of the order of stops based on the way the stations are connected. For example, if Springfield has no direct train to Milltown, you may have to stop in Branchburg to change trains. Plan to see Branchburg between Springfield and Milltown.
  3. Check the times that the trains run between all your chosen stations. Some trains run only once a day or a few times a week. Be sure to read the legend and all the symbols next to trains of interest for special information.
  4. Make a tentative schedule of trains using your order of stops and the times the trains run. The logistics will probably require you to eliminate some stops or change the order or number of days you spend at each stop.
  5. Use a major city as a hub when possible. If you stay for several nights in your hub city, you can spend the days venturing out to explore smaller stops in the surrounding countryside. This is particularly useful if there is no clear progression from town to town of the places you would like to visit.
  6. Purchase tickets ahead of time for any trains that require reservations or advanced ticket purchase (see Resources below).

How to Travel Ireland by Train

If you don’t want to worry about traffic, getting lost or driving on the left hand side of the road, see Ireland by train. Trains will get you where you’re going more quickly than taking a bus and let you see parts of the country you won’t see from the road. While service is not as extensive or frequent as in most European countries, Irish Rail heads to major cities and towns around the country. You can also opt for train tour packages through the company ranging from day trips to more than a week long.

Getting Around

Dublin is the primary hub of rail travel in Ireland. You’ll find trains running locally in County Dublin as well other parts of the country.

DART around Dublin

Dublin Area Rapid Transit — known as DART — provides service from the north part of County Dublin along the coast of the Irish Sea south to the Greystones in County Wicklow. Purchase tickets by the trip or opt for a daily, three-day, weekly or monthly pass. Take the train to Tara Station to be less than a half-mile walk from cobblestone streets of Temple Bar. See Dublin Castle — the former seat of British power in Ireland –and take in the beauty of the Dubh Linn Gardens just behind it.

Leaving Dublin

The three main lines run from the city to Cork, Gallway and Belfast with trains running every couple hours. The Dublin-Cork line has the most frequent service schedule, as well as the most modern trains and optional Comfort Class seating. An early morning express service runs from Cork to Dublin to get you back to the city in time for business meetings. Secondary lines have less frequent service, but you’ll still be able to choose from a few times to travel each day. You can connect with motor coach service at your destination to visit the local points of interest.

Making a Reservation

Book Online

Get cheaper fares when you book online through Irish Rail’s website. If you need to travel during morning or evening rush hour, expect to pay more than when traveling in the middle of the day.

Reserve Your Seat

You can reserve your seat on some trains when booking online. When you board some trains, your reserved seat will display your name on an electronic sign above it. Not all trains accept reservations or book reserved seats. When traveling the trains without a reservation or reserved seats, get to the station a minimum of 30 minutes ahead of time. Otherwise, you might have to stand for the duration of the train’s journey.

Going First Class

You can opt for first class seating on the Dublin-Cork or Dublin-Belfast lines. Enjoy more leg room and adjustable seating as well as electrical outlets and lighted tables for using electronic devices. Each route has in-seat dining available and a complimentary newspaper on morning trains.

Scenic Routes

Don’t be afraid of missing the sights traveling by train, because the railroad runs through some areas of the country where cars don’t travel.

Best Bet: Dublin to Rosslare: A 100-mile journey from Dublin to Rosslare follows the coastline as it skips past the Wicklow Mountains. The train then veers inland across green pastureland to Enniscorthy, home to a 13th century Norman castle, the National 1798 Rebellion Center and the Vinegar Hill battle site. The train winds along the River Slaney to Wexford and Rosslare, where local sights include the Kennedy Homestead, John F. Kennedy Arboretum and 800-year-old Dunbrody Abbey.


You won’t have to worry about booking bus connections with a train tour through Rail Tours Ireland. The company offers train tours ranging from one to nine days departing from Dublin, Cork and Limerick. Overnight trips include hotel accommodations, which are automatically upgraded to four-star lodging when you book online. Other services offered through the company include airport pickup, hotel and hop-on, hop-off bus tickets for Dublin

Travel Trailer Propane Tips

Propane is a generally a non-toxic, non-poisonous gas commonly used in travel trailers to provide fuel for cooking stoves and heaters. However, using propane in bottles or tanks is not without its risks. Therefore, all due safety measures should be taken whenever propane gas is being used in a mobile home.

There are some essential safety tips when using propane in a travel trailer.

Leaks and Ventilation

  • Always store the tank in a properly ventilated area. Do not use tanks or stove connections unless they fit tightly and securely. Do not sleep with your head near or over the propane tank valves. Do not use grills or camp stoves fueled by propane indoors; always ensure proper ventilation. The smell of rotten eggs or rotten onions in the air warns of a propane leak. If a leak is suspected, call 911 and ask for the Fire Department. Evacuate the trailer. Do not attempt to search for the leak yourself, and do not turn on the lights or use an open flame in the vicinity. Know the propane tank exhaust point in your travel trailer and clear it of any leaves, branches or other combustible items. If there is a leak, do not touch the stove igniter.

Proper Care and Use of Tanks

  • Tanks should remain upright at all times and not be permitted to roll or get damaged. They should be stowed securely if the travel trailer is moved. All manufacturer’s instructions for camp stoves and any other appliances which might use propane for fuel should be followed carefully. Propane tanks should never be punctured. The valves should never be tampered with, nor connected to a hose not suitable in size. No open flame should be allowed near the tank or valve. Know where the shut off value is at all times in the event of an emergency. Do not try to reconfigure or repair the connections from the tank to the appliance.

Fire and Burn Safety

  • Keep children and pets away from any appliances being run with propane. Keep all flammable or combustible materials well away from any open flames. No flammable materials should be near any exhaust vent for the appliance.

Tank Set Up at a New Site

  • Check that there is no damage to the tank, nor any leaks, before connecting the travel trailer cables to the electricity supply, and before starting to use the propane tank.

Christian Vacations for Singles

Visiting the Holy Land of Israel is one option for a single Christian.
While many individuals enjoy traveling with another person in order to share their experiences and memories gained from the trip, Christian singles are able to travel with other like-minded Christians while becoming closer to God through their journeys. The trips need not be lonely, as there are many Christian organizations that provide group travel experiences, bringing singles together on one trip. Tours to places that are important to an individual spiritually while still remaining a relaxing vacation are offered through several organizations, and can be done by land or sea.

Paul’s Journeys

  • Retracing the steps of the apostle Paul not only leads you into exotic lands, but also aids you in contemplating the message of Jesus and your own spirituality. Traveling as a single through these areas is also quite simple, for the regions are safe and the locals helpful. Travel through Macedonia, then south to Corinth and eventually travel to Athens, a bustling city where Paul preached one of his most important sermons. Travel on your own or with a group.Templeton Tours offers this trip for singles.


  • Cruises devoted to serving Christians are not only a way for singles to relax and meet other Christians, but also provide spiritual guidance and enhancement through seminars and speakers throughout the trip. Worship services are offered and ships can be booked that are solely devoted to singles and their needs, removing the hectic nature of a cruise ship with large and young families on board. Templeton Tours as well as All Christian Cruises offer a variety of trips for Christians.

Holy Land

  • Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, from the stations of the cross to the Sea of Galilee. A trip to the holy land as a single not only inspires you spiritually, but also allows you to focus solely on God and holy moments.

    Israel is also a safe region in which to travel alone, either as a male or a female, just ensure you respect the holy areas by wearing clothing that is appropriate and seemly.

    Fly in to Tel Aviv, a vibrant and hip city, and then travel over to the Sea of Galilee, on the Jordanian border, down to the Dead Sea and then back over the country to the ultimate destination, Jerusalem. Tours can be taken individually or with a group.

Academic Tours

  • Going on a C.S. Lewis tour not only introduces academic individuals to one of the most important Christian scholars, but also allows them to meet like-minded participants while touring the beautiful British countryside. Delve into the life of Lewis and his important publications while traveling around his favorite haunts and visiting where he was born. This tour is an informative guided holiday for single Christians into the man who created the Narnia series.

Travel Tips at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Traveling can be a nuisance when you’re not pregnant, let alone when you are struggling with carrying your baby at 34 weeks pregnant. While travel is generally discourages past 36 weeks, traveling at 34 weeks is fine if approved by your doctor. However, you may find yourself dealing with discomfort in your travels. With some careful preparation, you can make your trip more comfortable and easier. By packing a few extra items and asking for help when you need it, you can comfortably travel at 34 weeks pregnant.



  • One of the things you should be concerned about is your comfort level while traveling. Whether traveling by plane or by car, sitting for a long period of time can cause major discomfort to a woman who is 34 weeks pregnant. Begin by wearing compression stockings to stimulate the blood pressure in your legs. Sitting for too long can cause your legs to swell, which can make them sore and make it hard to walk. Also, choose your seat on an airplane carefully. Choose an aisle seat so that you can get up and use the bathroom as often needed and so you can walk through the cabin if you are uncomfortable. Bring a small, inflatable travel pillow that you can place behind your back, under your legs, belly or any other place that needs extra support.


  • When traveling, you may not have the opportunity to eat balanced meals at the times you want them. It is important to pack snacks that are nutritious and packed with energy. Try protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit or string cheese for a quick boost. Take full advantage of rest stops or stopovers to purchase something to eat, and don’t be shy about using the flight attendant button to secure plenty of water to drink on your long flight.


  • If you are traveling far from home and on your own, use some precaution by making sure that there is sufficient medical support where you are traveling. Let your doctor know your travel plans, and he might be able to refer you to a hospital in the area, so that if you are in need of one, you can get there quickly. Write down the phone number and address of the nearest hospital, and keep in your wallet. Make sure you always have a cell phone or pager with you so that you are able to contact help if you need it. And be sure to notify a fight attendant if you feel that you are in need of medical assistance; they may be able to procure you a wheelchair in an airport and find the nearest help.

How to Travel to California by Train

Traveling to California can be done by car, plane or train. Train based travel is a way to see the countryside of both California and other areas of the United States without having to worry about road conditions, gas prices or GPS directions. Rail schedules are accommodating to travelers and flexible routes and schedules make continuing travel throughout California by train easy to plan. Planning your rail trip to California takes both planning and thoughts regarding where you want to travel to and from.

Traveling by train to California is a vacation option.


  1. Determine the closest train station located to your house. Use the state by state listing provided by Amtrak to pick a station that is easily accessible to your house or where you will be traveling to California from. Read information about that particular train station to verify that parking is provided and available if you need it.
  2. Determine where in California you will be traveling to. Use the state listing page in the Resources section for a listing of all train stations located throughout California. Choose the station nearest to where you intend to travel to.
  3. Make hotel reservations in California for the dates that you will be staying. Remember that you will not be able to sleep on the train after you reach your final destination. Ask the hotel for transportation instructions from the train station you will be arriving at.
  4. Make train reservations for both travel to and from California. Note services provided on the train for overnight travel if your trip to California will include overnight rail travel. Note whether snack and dining cars are available. Make ticket selections based on the type of facilities you require. For example, determine how many overnight cabins you need if any and also determine whether you need to take a train that allows cars to be transported as well.
  5. Decide if you will be traveling throughout California by train once you arrive in the state. If so, make reservations for additional train travel keeping in mind where your return train departs from and make sure to have your trip end close to your departing station for the train ride home.

How to Book Train Travel From Buffalo to New York City

Travel by train from Buffalo in upstate New York to downstate New York City, and you will experience the portion of the state called the Southern Tier. The Amtrak train service takes you through several major cities and magnificent eastern countryside. Enjoy a leisurely trip along the shores of Lake Ontario, through the Finger Lakes Region, down the Hudson Valley into New York City.

Find the Right Train From Buffalo to New York City

  1. Take the Amtrak eastbound to New York City from either the Buffalo Exchange Street station downtown or the Depew station near the airport. Once in New York City, there are a number of train travel choices to make.
  2. Book your final reservations based on which borough of New York City you wish to arrive in. Go to Penn Station for the west side of NYC and Grand Central Station for the east side.
  3. Continue from Penn Station to Queens, Brooklyn and other Long Island communities by taking the Long Island Railroad (LIRR).

Book Your Train Travel From Buffalo to New York City

  1. Book train reservations by either calling the Amtrak toll free number or online by going to their Web site (see Resources).
  2. Reserve train travel on the LIRR through the online MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) Web site (see Resources).
  3. Purchase a ticket at the Buffalo Exchange Street station from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Buffalo Depew station is open 24 hours a day.

Arrive at the Station

  1. Arrive in New York City at either Penn Station or Grand Central Station, collect your baggage and keep moving. Do not linger in the train stations of the Big Apple, especially if you have never been there before or are by yourself.
  2. Grab a map before you continue on the Long Island Railroad to make sure you are getting on the right train. The fee for an LIRR trip depends on the length of your ride.
  3. Accept transportation from the New York City train stations only from legitimate taxi services. Do not accept rides from people who offer to call you a cab; it’s a common NYC swindle.

Do You Claim Tips on Travel Expense Reports?

Most companies and organizations allow for tips to be included on travel expense reports, and you should claim them using company guidelines. Travel for business often requires using the services of hotel room attendants, waiters, taxi drivers, baggage handlers and others. It is standard business etiquette to provide a reasonable tip for most service workers, with the tips then reimbursed by your company or organization.

Company Policies

  • People traveling on official business for a company or organization should carefully check the travel expense guidelines before leaving for a trip. Some organizations may specify how much can be spent on tips and for what purpose. For example, the University of Georgia allows employees to tip service workers related to meals, transportation and hotels–with one exception. The university will reimburse employees for tipping waiters, taxi drivers and baggage handlers, but will not reimburse tips paid to a hotel housekeeper. Fairleigh Dickinson University allows for room service tips only if the university representative is able to document the charge as necessary to entertain business guests, such as in a meeting room.

Specific Guidelines

  • There are generally accepted standards for how much to tip, but organizations may have their own specific policies. Employees who list tips that exceed company guidelines may have their expense reports rejected or they may be asked to justify the additional tip. A note of explanation should be included by the employee when the expense report is submitted if the tip is unusually large or beyond the published guidelines.

Documenting Tips

  • Tips documented on receipts are ideal for expense reporting purposes. For example, a signed charge slip from a restaurant or cab driver can display the amount you were charged for the service and the gratuity. However, other tips cannot be documented. Organizations expect employees to honestly report cash tips given to baggage handlers, valet parking attendants and others.

When To Tip

  • Generally, you should always tip when the gratuity is eligible for reimbursement. MSNBC recommends tipping even when the service is bad. In situations like that, you should tip less than the standard amount allowed by your organization and then speak to a manager about the qualify of service, according to MSNBC.

Standard Tipping Guidelines

  • Check your company guidelines for any specific regulations on how much to tip. MSNBC says you should generally tip 15 percent of the total at a restaurant, $1 or $2 for each bag handled by a baggage handler, and 10 percent of the fare for a taxi driver.

Traveling With The Novatel Wireless MiFi Overseas

As a super-portable device, ble to fit inside a breast pocket or wallet, the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 is the best 3G device available in the mobile computing market.  The MiFi connects to high-speed cellular data networks and establishes an Internet connection, which can be transmitted and shared with up to five devices (or five people, each on their own device) up to thirty feet away via an 802.11b/g WiFi connection.  MiFi users can enjoy continuous wireless Internet while travelling, nearly anywhere a cellular signal reaches.

For the time being, however, trips with the MiFi overseas may be impossible with an American bought MiFi 2200.  Competing cellular standards, CDMA and GSM, are to blame for thisinconvenience.

The MiFis currently on the market in America–the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200–only work on two cellular networks: either Sprint or Verizon.  Each MiFi is permanently attached to the cellular company the user chooses to sign with.  These two major American cellular companies, Sprint and Verizon, run CDMA cellular networks.  CDMA, an acronym for Code Division Multiple Access, is an algorithm used by radiocommunications technologies–like the MiFi–to order the way information is sent and received from and by every device.  CDMA was originally created for high-bandwidth uses which require superior reception–like cell phones.  CDMA devices are, however, tied to their originating network, making the transfer of cellular devices between competing cellular networks impossible.  For that reason, CDMA devices can be expensive to travel with overseas because of roaming charges, as CDMA is only widespread across America and Canada.

The Global System for Mobile communications–GSM–is the most widespread cellular standard across the globe.  Nearly 80% of all cellular phones in use around the globe are GSM devices.  The benefit of owning a GSM device is the simplified method oftransferring a cellular device between competing cellular providers.  In order to change one’s cellular provider, a cellular device’s SIM card need only be switched to a SIM card that holds identifiers needed by the new, desired cellular service.  Finding SIM cards is not difficult, as they are available in places like small corner stores or in large retailers or grocery stores.

So, with the ease in which a GSM device can transfer between networks, there are many more cellular plans available to the user with a GSM device.  In fact, cellular customers carrying GSM devices can switch networks as often as they’d like as they travel.  By switching networks, the user can parry overages and roaming charges by connecting to local cellular networks wherever the user may be traveling.European MiFis, such as the MiFi 2352, run on the GSM-compatible EDGE standard.  Those EDGE/GSM MiFis will be capable of functioning nearly anywhere in the world.

LTE, a new cellular standard being rolled out by Verizon Wireless, may be ready by late 2010.  Verizon says that its LTE network will represent a new, faster mobile experience–the first 4G network–and will also allow better support for users wishing to take their cellular devices abroad through theincorporation of swappable cards, much like SIM cards.

The lesson here is that you should wait before relying on a MiFi 2200 with Sprint or Verizon for overseas travel.  A rumored GSM MiFi–the MiFi 2372–may be on its way to the AT&T or T-Mobile networks, and it is that device which would most likely be easier and cheaper to travel with.

If your travels only take you across North America, though, I seriously recommend picking up a MiFi 2200 through Sprint or Verizon, as those cellular providers offer fast, reliable service.

How to Book Train Travel

Traveling by train is a way to enjoy the sights along the way.

Traveling by train means not having to drive a car or pay sometimes higher airfare costs. Trains operate between major destinations and even make stops at much smaller locales throughout the United States. Book and plan a trip early to ensure desired routes and schedules are secured. Traveling by train allows travelers to sit back and enjoy the ride and view as they head to their destination. Traveling coast to coast by train will cost about $614 for a round-trip ticket between Philadelphia and San Diego, while making a 500-mile trip between Chicago and Kansas City will set you back about $126 round trip.


  1. Determine where you are going. Write down your destination and note any stops you need or want to make along the way. For example, if you are traveling between the East Coast and West Coast, decide if you want to spend a few days somewhere in the middle of the country. List the cities where you will arrive and depart,.
  2. Get a listing of the train service between your starting and ending destination. Use the train-route listing available through Amtrak.
  3. Book hotel rooms for your trip if you require lodging while traveling. Make sure to reserve rooms in advance of purchasing your train tickets so that you know the dates of train travel you will require.
  4. Book your train tickets either by visiting a ticket station in person, via the Amtrak website or by telephone. Make ticket-class selections based on the distance and type of train available for your particular trip. For example, if you are traveling across the country, opt for a sleeping cabin. Use the auto train option if you are traveling with your car and need to transport your vehicle to your destination.
  5. Print out and review your ticket and schedule information for your train ride. Verify all information is accurate and correct. Keep the information in a safe location until your trip. Make sure to take identification with you when you board the train; your identity will be verified by ticketing agents or porters. Review baggage limits and restrictions before your trip to ensure that your possessions are in compliance with Amtrak luggage policies.

Travel Tips for Visiting the Temperate Deciduous Forest

Temperate deciduous forests can be found throughout eastern North America like the Great Smokey Mountains, western Europe, as well as in the Asian countries of Japan, China and Korea. You can also find them in Australia and on the southern tip of South America. If you are going to visit temperate deciduous forest, planning is imperative.

You can find temperate deciduous forests throughout the eastern United States.

What to Wear

  • When deciding what to wear on your visit, you must pack layers. The temperature changes in the temperate deciduous forest throughout the day and you will need to add or remove clothing accordingly. You will also have to take a rain jacket to protect you from the elements and a good pair of sneakers. The ground will be uneven in places and having a pair of shoes that will both protect your feet and give you a good footing is imperative for your safety.Weather
    • Weather in a temperate deciduous forest changes frequently. Be prepared for rain during the spring and summer and snow during the fall and winter. Because there are frequent changes in weather you must be prepared for all weather situations in terms of gear. So if you are planning on camping, make sure you bring thick blankets and sleeping bags to keep warm during the night.

    When to Go

    • If you have no set date on when you are going to visit the temperate deciduous forest, consider going during the spring, April through June in the northern hemisphere, because you will be less likely to have to deal with temperatures below freezing that occur during the winter months and you will also miss the snow which can hinder your travel arrangements as well as your movement through the forest during your visit.

    Native Animals

    • Be aware of animals native to the temperate deciduous forest for safety reasons. When beside waterways, avoid eastern newts which look like red salamanders. Their skin secretions are poisonous. Copperhead snakes are also prevalent and their bite is poisonous. You can identify them by their diamond shaped head. There are also black bears and rattlesnakes in these forests. Remember if you do not threaten or bother them, they will not bother you. However keeping a first aid kit with you in case of emergency is advised.

Electrical Outlets in Japan Vs. the United States

Before you hop aboard the high-speed trains in Tokyo or sample the sushi in Okinawa, you have to know what to pack for your trip to Japan. International travel usually means at least one electric adapter because electrical currents are different depending on the part of the world in which you happen to be. Some of your U.S. electronic devices plug into Japanese outlets and operate without a problem while others do not.

Many Japanese plugs look like American plugs, but they aren't always the same.

Voltage and Plugs

  • Standard outlets in Japan operate on 100 volts of electricity. This is different from the United States, which uses 110 volts. Japanese plugs have two flat prongs like many of the plugs you see on American electronics and appliances. The prongs are non-polarized and fit into outlets in the U.S. Some American only plugs have two prongs and those fit into Japan outlets. Anything from the U.S. with a third prong does not work in a Japanese outlet.

Electric Current

  • The electricity in the United States runs on a 60-cycle alternating current (AC). With an AC, the electrical charge periodically switches direction, unlike a direct current (DC) in which the electricity flows in one direction. The Japanese electric system is on an alternating current, but the cycle depends on your exact location in Japan. East of Mt. Fuji in places such as Tokyo and Yokohama, it runs on a 50-cycle Hertz current. In western locations such as Kyoto and Osaka, the electricity is on a 60-cycle Hertz current.

What to Expect

  • There won’t be much of a difference when you’re traveling from the U.S. to Japan, according to Rough Guides. You’ll be able to operate and charge computers, cell phones and digital cameras. You might notice your hair dryer or portable coffee pot doesn’t work quite as quickly or efficiently because the flow of heat travels differently on these electrical currents. Consider investing in a power adapter for these items so you don’t end up damaging them or causing electricity loss.

Packing an Adapter

  • Several universal adapters are affordable and easy to pack. You’ll get a few different plugs in one compact unit, which may help with other international trips you might make. The one appropriate for Japan is labeled as such, and you’ll be able to plug in anything you pack without worrying about your safety or how it works.

The Best Vacations for Single Senior Citizens

There is an entire world at the fingertips of any single senior citizen. From Vermont to going back to school to touring the globe, vacation packages for single seniors take the stressful elements away from planning a vacation. Instead, single seniors have time to enjoy their hard-earned vacation and leave the planning to the others while learning about new places and meeting great people.
A mature couple takes a hike in the country side.
Wildflower Inn VacationNew England has world-renowned foliage during September and October. The vibrant reds and oranges of the trees against the bright blue sky, and the mild, cool weather, make for a vacation to remember in this picturesque corner of the United States. The Wildflower Inn offers a vacation package for senior citizens who enjoy traveling and fall colors by combining the two in the Fall Foliage Midweek Explorers Package. The package includes a four-night stay at the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville, Vermont, complete with a full country breakfast and afternoon snacks replete with famous Vermont Cabot cheese and apple cider. During the day, the staff provides maps of fall foliage tours in Northern New Hampshire, Southern Quebec and Vermont for individuals to explore at his or her leisure. The beautiful setting, tours and communal atmosphere of the Wildflower is a great way to meet other people, too. Prices start at $390 in the low season for a four-night package.

An autum landscape of a farm in Vermont.

Senior Summer SchoolSenior Summer School provides seniors with the opportunity to go back to college. Seniors live and learn at one of four colleges, Loyola in Chicago, Appalachian State in Boone, North Carolina, University of Wisconsin Madison in Madison, Wisconsin or San Diego State University in San Diego. Seniors engage in six daily classes, extensions of the university in which the individual is attending, with college professors and local professionals, three or more field-trips to local sightseeing hotspots and evening entertainment including dancing, singing and talks by local historians. Both singles and couples attend the program and come away with many different friends and experiences to talk about! Accommodations include private suites in college residence halls, apartments or hotels, and exercise facilities, computer centers and recreational areas are available. Food is included and served cafeteria style. The program varies from two to six weeks. The AARP has reviewed the Summer School positively as a wonderful travel/educational combination experience.

A mature student works at a computer with an instructor.

Semester at SeaThe Semester at Sea program is a study abroad program in which college and non-traditional students learn and travel together. Semester at Sea is a cruise around the world. Teachers, students and staff live on the MV Explorer, taking a wide array of academic classes during travel times and embarking on exciting tours and adventures while in port. Previous ports of call include cities such as Salvador, Brazil; Walvis Bay, Namibia; Cape Town, South Africa, and Chennai, India. The program lasts three to 3.5 months. Lifelong learners live, eat and travel with the students, thus making friends among other lifelong learners and with students.

Two woman with shopping bags stand at a port in front of a cruise ship.

Spa Vacations for Single Women

Many spas offer solo specials for single women.

Going to a spa is a way to unwind, release tension in your body, and rejuvenate your spirit. Some spas are women only or have special packages for single women. These packages are specifically tailored with women in mind. A single women, whether traveling solo or with a bunch of their single girlfriends will find that there are spa options that are ideal for single women.

Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs

  • Golden Haven Hot Springs is located in Napa Valley, California’s wine country, and specializes in rejuvenating with e Calistoga Hot Springs mineral water and with their Calistoga Mud Baths. Calistoga Golden Haven offers specials for singles; a three-hour Solo Day Spa Special or a Solo Overnight Special with spa treatments. Treatment includes a Calistoga Mud Bath, one-hour massage, one-hour herbal facial, and a guide to local wineries that feature complimentary wine tastings. The overnight include as stay in a superior room at the Calistoga Lodge. There is also a Girlfriends Spa Special for women who want to bring their friends along.

Golden Door Spa

  • The Golden Door Spa was created for women by a woman, and except for a few weeks that cater to men and special, is for women only. Located in Escondido, California, the Golden Door is a luxury spa that focuses on women leaving their stressful lives behind and focusing solely on themselves. Single women are attracted to this spa for its emphasis on deep introspection, and to make new friends with like minded women. The week-long sessions include fitness training, healthy spa cuisine and mind-body classes such as meditation, self hypnosis and T’ai Chi, and traditional spa treatments such as massages and body wraps. Guests are given a personal esthetician who will help create a beauty regiment tailored to the individual. The guest rooms at Gold Door Spa are created in the style of traditional Japanese Honjinn inns designed for ultimate relaxation and solitude. The spacious accommodations include private gardens, personal maid service, spa wardrobe and a meditation area.

Lake Austin Spa Resort

  • The Lake Austin Spa Resort was voted #1 Destination Spa by Conde Nast Traveler in 2008, and offers top of the line spa facilities. This large lake house style spa is located in Austin, Texas overlooking Lake Austin. The Spa offer 40 guest room accommodations rooms and cabins for guests. Premier rooms include a steeping tub and a private meditation garden. Single women can take part in the Gathering of Wise Women month-long program held every year in October at the spa. Women guest speakers provide support and inspiration to spa guests and the program specializes in enhancing a woman’s health, well-being and spirit. There is also Girlfriends Getaways for single women and their friends.

Surf Goddess Retreats

  • The Surf Goddess Retreat is a surf spa resort in Bali, Indonesia for women only set in a lush tropical garden. This resort empowers women through surf lessons, yoga, well-being sessions, spa treatments and spending time with fellow guests. Surf Goddess Retreat caters to single women and beginner surfers. This laid back retreat include a luxurious pool, meditation pavilions, a library and a rooftop patio. Guest may choose between two person shared rooms or a single room. Sharing a great way for single woman traveling solo to get to know other women from around the world . Rooms include complimentary spa products and wardrobe and a selection of books and literature for your reading convenience Guests may use the complimentary bikes to take a guided tour of the Bali countryside, or take an Indonesian cooking class. Spa cuisine is Bali-inspired with meal such as the Fish Satay with Bali Sambal Sauce.

Travel Tips on What to Bring to Scotland

Scotland: the land of the Loch Ness, “Lassie Come Home,” and the delightful sheep intestine snack they call “haggis.” Scotland’s tourism is known for both its outdoor adventures as well as historical cities and music festivals. No matter where you explore in Scotland, however, the locals will warn you about the weather. Knowing what to pack and taking some packing precautions will make your trip to Scotland all the more enjoyable.

Scotland is known for rugged, breathtaking natural beauty, as well as feisty weather.

Bring Layers

  • Pack layers of clothing. Weather is feisty and moody in Scotland, even in the summer. Winters are harsh, and you’ll want to have heavy socks and footwear. Although you might wake up to sun and warmth, a few hours later might have you drenched in rain and shivering. Bring lighter clothes to wear under heavier garments such as jackets and sweaters. Light scarves are handy as well, and easy to pack. Gloves and hats are necessities in winter.

Rain Clothing

  • Bring a raincoat. When the skies open and you’re in the midst of a trek on the moors, you’ll be thankful for this invaluable piece of clothing. Layers of warm clothes will be great for temperature changes, but sweaters and jeans aren’t the most comfortable to wear when wet. Always assume it’s going to rain at some point in Scotland, and plan accordingly.

Appropriate Footwear

  • Bring boots, or sturdy footwear. Rain boots are great for sightseeing in Edinburgh, and hiking boots are excellent for hiking the West Highland Way across the moors. You might want to bring both, or at least one pair, depending on your activities.

Good To Know

  • Always carry your credit and bank cards as well as some change, as public toilets and other services tend to require it, especially in the cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh. A small umbrella may be a good choice to pack. And don’t forget plenty of memory cards for your camera, as you’ll likely become a shutterbug once you take a gander of Scotland’s breathtaking scenery.

5 Amazing Jamaican Delicacies

To most folk, Jamaica brings to mind beaches, rum and Reggae. But talk to anyone who’s been there, and they’re bound to mention the food. There’s a staggering amount on offer; rich-tasting, diverse and well worth trying out. These are the five things you really should taste when visiting Jamaica.


Jerk is a staple in Jamaican food, often sold by street vendors and at beachside huts, but as you’ll see it’s on offer in bars and restaurants too. You’ll come across jerk chicken, pork, goat, beef or even jerk fish because “jerk” basically describes the method of cooking. Meat or fish is marinated in a special sauce. The sauce used includes pimento seeds, herbs, and peppers. After a very long marinade the meat is cooked slowly, normally over an open flame. Each cook is likely to have a slightly different take on what goes into his or her sauce, and with some it’s a closely guarded secret!


Patties are to Jamaica what burgers and hotdogs are in the USA. They are sold everywhere in Jamaica, and there are heated opinions about what and who makes the perfect patty. Patties are filled and fried pie. Whether they contain meat or vegetables, they’re a very tasty, rich and filling fast food. Find a busy patty stand and you know you’re in for a treat.


Rundown is normally served as a starter. It’s a fish-based dish, and as you’d expect the Jamaicans are experts at cooking seafood of all kinds. Prawns or fish are cooked in coconut milk and seasoned slowly for a long long time, until the flesh is so tender it can literally run down your face. Creamy and smooth, it’s a real taste of the Caribbean.

Escovitch Lobster

Another fish-based favourite, Escovitch Lobster should be tried at least once by everyone who visits Jamaica. Escovitch is probably best known as a lobster dish, but there are many seafood Escovitch versions. Describing it as fish cooked in vinegar and served with a vinegar sauce may be factual, but it really doesn’t do the dish justice. It’s a staple for restaurant menus for a very good reason. Fortunately that means that finding a place to sample it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Dukunnu or Duckoono

Dukunnu (which is also called blue draws or tie-a-leaf) is served as a desert or a sweet snack. Coconut, grated yam or bananas, spices and cornmeal are mixed and tied up or wrapped in banana leaves. It is very rich, smooth, and very very tasty.

How to Start Your Own Travel Club

Start a travel club and share tried and true travel tips with prospective travelers. Gain travel information from other members, and share ideas on saving money, vacationing in a new location or group travel. Follow these tips to start a travel club of your own, start planning your own itineraries or simply enjoy living vicariously through others.

Travel clubs enlighten travelers on new destinations to visit.
Step 1:Seek out family and friends who enjoy travel, and establish a travel club of your own. Start by creating a list of people you know who love to travel, or maybe just hope to travel sometime in the near future. Ask each of them to suggest one additional person, preferably someone you don’t know, who may be added to the initial list. Plan to serve as moderator of your group, or to hold an election for a moderator by the group members. Decide whether or not to charge club dues. This money can be collected to purchase light refreshments for each meeting or to save for future undetermined use. Should you opt to collect dues, your club will need a treasurer as well.

Seasoned travelers often enjoy sharing their knowledge with others at club meetings.
Step 2:Decide how often and where your club will meet. Book stores, libraries or coffee shops often invite clubs to hold their meetings in their facilities. Meetings may be held in the moderator’s or a club member’s home and may even meet at various locations throughout the year. Plan ahead of time what sort of topic will be discussed or explored at each meeting. Provide members with an itinerary that outlines the topics for upcoming meetings.

If you've never traveled, a travel club can teach you many helpful tips.
Step 3:Invite travel professionals from your community to speak at one or more of your meetings. Ask people who may have visited interesting locations to speak to your club about their travels. These guest speakers help keep club morale high and serve as diversions from the same people running meetings from week to week.

Share cost saving tips on travel at travel club meetings.
Step 4:Plan a trip or excursion as part of your travel club. Some travel clubs actually plan a long distance trip for all members to take together. If something like this isn’t of interest or in everyone’s budget, plan a visit to a local attraction or plan a day trip to a nearby city. Keep the mood of the travel club lighthearted and fun. Include games on occasion. Bring a couple of suitcases to a meeting, as well as several piles of unfolded laundry and some toiletries. Time each club member as they pack each suitcase, and judge them on their ability to pack promptly and efficiently.Keep a large map handy at your travel club meetings. Before the close of each meeting, blindfold a member and ask him to touch a place on the map. He is then responsible for sharing some information about that particular location at the next travel club meeting.

Learn how to pack efficiently at travel club meetings.
Step 5:Ask local travel agencies if you can post notices about your travel club meetings. New blood and ideas constantly joining the group will certainly keep the interest and appeal of your travel club alive.

Ready, set, pack! Travel club meetings will inspire your yearning to travel.

An Art Focused Student Trip to New York City

Desmond Cormier is an art teacher at the Buford Middle School in Charlottesville, Virginia. He has taught at the school for 16 years. Cormier lives at a nearby farmstead with his wife, Virginia, a sheep farmer. He became an educator after many years in an entirely different profession. “My first career was a commercial deep sea diver and I was also involved in the offshore drilling industry for 17 years,” says Cormier. Thanks to the demands of his first profession, he has traveled all over the world.

Now Cormier believes his art students should gain exposure to the world through travel at an early age. Each year, Cormier organizes a student trip to New York City and invites students to take a deeper look at ‘the city that never sleeps.’

“When I was young, I toured all over the world,” says Cormier, “I think it’s a valuable experience to bring these students to New York City and let them see the world through their own eyes,” he added. Basically, Cormier attempts to schedule a class trip to New York City for those interested in taking a long weekend. Student trips to New York City took place in 2013 & 2014. In 2015, Cormier says he couldn’t get the number of students needed to travel, yet he’s planning to travel again with his students over the long term.

While on tour of New York City, students visit world famous art museums, such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cormier says this is an excellent opportunity to take in some masterpieces. “Students see these famous works of art in real life. These artistic treasures are totally different in a museum, in their original form,” he observed.

Touring such large museums may be a daunting endeavor for a teacher and his class. Cormier says “The Metropolitan Museum of Art was overwhelming and MOMA is such large museum it is hard to take it all in.” However, the Guggenheim Museum’s set-up is perfect, because, students have to go from the top down to the bottom. “The way the museum is designed, they have to see the entire collection and exhibitions,” commented Cormier.

In addition to touring art museums as a complement to their studies, students also immerse themselves in the New York City experience. Here there are exposed to the diversity of the U.S. population, by visiting immigrant neighborhoods, and experiencing a lively artistic culture as well as global cuisine choices. “We had dinner in Times Square and the kids loved the excitement of it all. It was Saturday night,” said Cormier. The student group also visited Chinatown, toured the New York Harbor, and saw the Empire State Building, among other sites.

After touring the world, Cormier eventually returned to Charlottesville, Virginia, because it’s home to him. “My wife loves sheep farming. I love Charlottesville, because I am an alumni of University of Virginia and it’s my hometown.” His daughter lives in Charlottesville with his three grandchildren and Cormier also has a son in San Francisco. His views about becoming a well-rounded artist include the incorporation of travel, consideration of great artistic works, and exposure to different cultures, cuisines, architecture and social customs.

Sedona Accommodations – Traveling to Sedona

Sedona is regarded as one of the best places for spending a vacation in America. The breathtaking red rock landscape, with its dynamic beauty, attracts tourists throughout the calendar year. Sedona is perfect for a holiday trip for both- the individual nature lovers, and as well as, the families who are seeking a moment with the nature, and freedom from their hectic life cycle.

The activities and things to do in Sedona, AZ range from hiking, spiritual healing and meditation, to weddings, anniversary trips and honeymoons, luxury vacations, wine tours, scenic drives, adventures in the vortexes, and heritage tours of the ancient humans.
Enchantment Resort

The Enchantment Resort is a world-class resort that features a service second to none in Sedona. The resort leaves their visitors captivated and mesmerized with their pristine natural location and service.  The Enchantment Resort is located right next to Boynton Canyon and offers guests the unique and wonderful opportunity to live luxuriously amongst the Sedona red rocks.

The resort is also popular for meditation and recreational activities. The Enchantment resort is home to one of the world’s best destination spas, the Mii amo. A stay at Enchantment Resort lets you immerse in the Sedona’s rich Native American heritage and the natural beauty of the red rocks.
The Arroyo Roble and Creek side Villa

The Arroyo Roble and Creek side Villa is situated at North Highway 89A, and is owned by the famous hospitality management group- the Best Western group. This hotel is a part of one of the long chains of hotels owned by the group. The location of the hotel is set at the serene back drop of the famous Sedona red rocks. The hotel offers facilities like swimming, fishing and hiking in the clear waters of the Oak Creek. This 3 star hotel in Sedona has rooms, villas and cottages that are close to the dining and shopping corners of Sedona.
Southwest Inn Sedona

Southwest Inn Sedona is a 3 star Hotel and is recognized as one of the most popular Sedona hotels. The hotel is close to the famous Vortex site of Cathedral Rock and is perfect for anyone to rediscover their spiritual side. The dining and shopping areas are within the close proximity of the villa inn, making it an even more attractive choice for accommodation. The hotel is well equipped with standard and lavish lodging amenities. The interior design of the hotel reflects traditional ambience and atmosphere, along with incorporating the modern and latest accommodation facilities.
outhwest Inn Sedona is a combination of both bread and breakfast services, and a luxury inn.
L’Auberge De Sedona

L’Auberge De Sedona is a hotel constructed in the French style for luxury accommodation facilities. The L’Auberge De Sedona is located a bit far from the highway. It is the choice of romantic couples as the perfect place for romantic vacations. The serene beauty of the location welcomes any visitor, who is willing to skip the maddening crowd of the urban life. The hotel is also popular in the area for serving its visitors with authentic French cuisine of great taste.
Surgeon’s House Bread and Breakfast

Surgeon’s House has a rustic and authentic feel to their accommodation services. The B&B occupies a two storied Spanish-style mansion, built in 1917 (restored in 1992). While the B&B is not exactly in Sedona, it is located in a nearby town called Jerome, overlooking the famous Verde Valley from the altitude of 5200 ft.

The beautiful gardens of the hotel are one of the best locations in Sedona, offering a surreal panoramic view of the Verde valley and the neighboring red rocks. Apart from the great surroundings and the prime location; the breakfasts served in the B&B is the one to remember.

The breakfast served by the owner Andrea Prince is regarded as ‘the meal to die for’, and is the main reason that has put Surgeon’s House on Sedona’s map.
Transportation in Sedona

Looking for transportation in Sedona, AZ? Having lived in Sedona for a remarkable portion of our lives, we know Sedona inside out. So, if you’re traveling to Sedona, why not ride with Sedona Sedans and Vans? Whether you’re traveling in Sedona, out of the town or simply shopping, our sedans and vans with impressive (and knowledgeable) chauffeurs are waiting for you.

Sedona Sedans and Vans also operate Red rock tours and Grand Canyon tours for groups and individuals.

The combination of scenic views and mystic beauty in Sedona, AZ draws travelers from across the world all year round. Sedona, AZ features mesmerizing geological wonders, and the city is the best gateway to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Sedona can be the perfect vacation destination for the outdoor enthusiast, travelers seeking an uplifting break from their daily routine. A trip to Sedona is filled with enriching experiences and life long memories.