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Planning Holidays? Go Cycling, Climbing And Trekking in Ladakh This Time!

What changes when you travel North to South and East to West in India?Nothing and everything. The warmth of the people is what defines a place. It is this one constant that binds India as a nation, in spite of its diverse culture and topography. Whether you visit a home in Gujarat or Punjab, the people will make sure they kill you with love and food. West Bengal’s ‘Doi Maach’ or South India’s ‘Rasam Bhaat’, all the native recipes add to the many flavours of India. The varied festivals, the flora and fauna, the clothing and the architecture is also why India rightly upholds the tag of Unity in Diversity. So planning a vacation in India becomes a mind-boggling task since one is spoilt for choice. But Himalayan Frontiers Culture & Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd., an India-based  travel company, is here to simplify the task.

When visiting a foreign land, one obviously tends to be cautious about not getting cheated. Right from the place to visit, the time of visit, the hotels, the transportation, the food to the prices, everything needs to be carefully considered and thoroughly researched. It sure is a difficult thing to do single-handedly. And it’s a boon when there’s someone more experienced,someone more well-versed with that place, to help us out with those details. Himalayan Frontiers helps allay all the fears, given its strong network of trained professionals spread across the places it gives its services in.

The company was established in 1996, initially to promote tourism and adventure activities like trekking, hiking, cycling, etc. in the Himalayan cities like Ladakh, Garhwal, Spiti, Manali and Darjeeling among others. Today, it has grown wider and bigger to cover the most mesmerising locations that India as well as its neighbours like Bhutan and Nepal have to offer. Their concept of Theme Tours is what makes them so unique. They offer perfectly laid out theme tours like yoga tours, spiritual tours, festival tours, motorcycle tours, tribal tours, cultural tours, cycling tours and Himalayan tours. It also arranges homestay trips that are meant for mutually benefitting the tourist and the host. Above all, the company also offers customised tour packages.

Since the Himalayas and adventure tourism are their specialty, Himalayan Frontiers beats other travel companies when it comes to planning Himalayan trekking tour packages. Their endless list of trekking programmes such as trekking in Ladakh, trekking in India, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Bhutan and Nepal has always enticed enthusiastic backpackers from not just India but from abroad as well. So if you are in the mood for trekking, mountain climbing or just simply wandering, in India you will find your perfect match. And Himalayan Frontiers Culture & Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd. is what you must ask for!

Indian Luxury Trains – A Journey to Heavenly Attractions

Following the overwhelming success of Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation launched Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, another luxury train in 2009 which not just whisks you into the Rajputana heartland but also offers peak into the vibrant cultural aspects of India with halts in Khajuraho and Varanasi.

Besides Rajasthan, luxury rail tours also explores western and southern region of India. Whereas Deccan Odyssey traverses the course of enchanting destinations in Maharashtra along with a halt at beach paradise, Goa; the Golden Chariot lets you explore the natural and cultural treasure troves of the south. Then there is Indian Maharaja who’s Delhi to Mumbai and Mumbai to Delhi journey is a medley of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

The opulence of four luxury suites is immaculately defined by the coaches named Heera (Diamond) and Neelam (Blue Sapphire). The Suite is spread over the 220 sq ft cabin area and is equipped with a double bed with separate living and bedroom areas. Besides this, this suite has an add-on of bath tub besides the regular faculty.

Luxury train travel has attained a new high with the advent of Maharajas’ Express on the scene which offers 3 pan-Indian rail tours and 2 golden triangle tours and by far one of the most luxurious trains in the world. All these Indian luxury trains might differ in terms of destinations they travel but share one thing in common. The seamless blend of traditional and contemporary manifested in their décor, facilities and hospitality is the most salient feature found in every train. luxury train tours in India are reminiscent of the art of elegant travelling as practiced by erstwhile maharajas of India. What set apart this train is the idea of providing royal pampering and opulent facilities with sightseeing of some of the best destinations in Indian subcontinent. To say that a new age of opulent and elegant travelling has arrived in India with the rise of luxury tourists trains will not be an exaggeration.

The Presidential Suite is spread over an entire rail carriage. The 448 sq ft area of Navratna Suite features two bedrooms, two attached bath (one with bath tub) along with a living cum dining room and can accommodate 4 persons with its immaculate luxury on board.

About the Author: Harren Lee is an avid traveler and has same passion for writing. His articles offer practical information, review, news and interesting trivia about traveling and holidays in India and luxury trains in India including the luxury train.

Tom Mower Sr. Cheif Scientist and Owner of Sisel International Travels North America to Promote the Sisel Opportunity

I am so excited to share with you an opportunity for you to hear Tom Mower Sr. speak in person. He will be traveling North America to share his knowledge and passion for the Network Marketer.

My husband Mark and I are Master distributors for Tom Mower and his Worldwide company Sisel international. Tom, along with his son Tom Jr., founded Sisel International in 2006. Sisel launched in Japan and in just over two years the company has already grown into a one hundred million dollar company and will quickly grow into a billion dollar company. Sisel has just opened for business here in North America and we had the opportunity to fly to Utah and meet Tom Mower and tour his manufacturing facility. At that time we could see how passionate and sincere Tom and his son Tom Jr. are about this company, the sisel products, and the opportunity here in North America.

Tom is 100% debt free and has been since 1974 and created Sisel International which also is 100% Debt free. Tom Mower wants to change the reputation currently within the MLM Industry that is why he created a safe place for network marketing professionals like you and us to land.

Imagine a billionaire with such a passion for the industry he invested one hundred fifty million dollars of his own money to build a state of the art manufacturing facility that just happens to be the largest manufacturing facility west of the Mississippi. This alone allows Tom the ability to save 400% on the manufacturing costs and gives him the ability to purchase the best organic, natural ingredients in the world that he used to produce the Sisel product line.

This is what solidified the deal and confirmed our decision to become master distributors for Sisel International. Tom Sr. is the chief scientist and personally has played a roll in the development of all the Sisel products. He knows everything there is to know about each and every one of his non-harmful and superior quality products.

Toms passion for science, love for the green industry, and desire to create a safe place for professionals’ to land inspired him to invest in the future for all of us and that is why my husband Mark and I are part of Sisel!

Tom’s mission is to create a “Healthier, Wealthier and Happier” future for everyone who becomes involved regardless if you purchase products or join the business. I invite each and every one of you to invite family, friends, and business associates to come meet Tom. This opportunity is unsurpassed in this industry with the best compensation plan I have ever seen in the multi level marketing industry.

Remember Sisel International has no debt; failure is not an option because they are starting on top. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss, come hear from Tom Moyer Sr. in person allowing you to make an educated decision if this is for you. We hope to see you soon in an area near you.

Cuba Travel Tips for Canadians

Traveling to Canada from Cuba can be both easy and rewarding. Here are some tips to assist you in planning your Cuban vacation.

Visa Requirements

  • Canadian citizens need a tourist card to enter Cuba. Package tour operators and most airlines provide you with your tourist card. If not, you may apply for a tourist card through the Cuban consulate in Ottawa. You will need a valid passport, return or onward ticket, and hotel reservations. Tourist cards are valid for 90 days and may be extended for another 90 days once in Cuba.

Getting There

  • There are numerous direct flights from Canada to Cuba on both commercial and charter airlines. Cubana Airlines and Air Canada fly from Montreal and Toronto. Charter airlines fly to Cuba from several cities in Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. Air Transat is one of the largest charter airlines servicing Cuba.

What to Bring

  • Bring film and batteries, as these can be quite expensive in Cuba. Good quality soap, deodorant, hand creams, as well as tampons, can be hard to obtain in Cuba, so bring enough with you to last through the trip. Over the counter medicines such as ibuprofen, as well as prescription drugs, can also be in short supply.

    If you’re traveling during the wet season of May through October, bring a light rain coat and umbrella.

    Some travelers also like to bring gifts to give to locals they meet on the island. Recommended gifts include pencils, pens, and notebooks for children, and gently used clothes or toiletries for adults.

    It is also advisable to use a money belt and carry a photocopy of your passport with you.

Travel Packing Tips

Efficient travel packing can make the difference between a good trip and a bad one. Good travel packing reduces the amount of luggage you take, saves you money on checked baggage fees and conserves time wasted waiting for bags at the luggage carousel. Good travel packing also allows you to take more things in less space and get them to your destination undamaged.


  • The best travel advice in the world is “pack light.” The less you take the better. Airlines have strict limits on luggage size and weight. If you measure your luggage height plus width plus length you get its linear inches. Most airlines limit your carry-on bag to 45 linear inches. Checked luggage is increasingly restrictive. Some airlines charge extra to check one bag. Most charge extra to check a second bag. Checked luggage is limited to 62 linear inches and 50 pounds, or it incurs additional charges. Airlines won’t even take bags that weigh more than 70 pounds. A few international flights allow 100 pounds. Limit yourself to a carry-on bag whenever possible. If you must check luggage take just one bag.


  • Buy luggage with the right features. Get a carry-on bag built to maximum airline dimensions. Always buy luggage with wheels. They make long hikes with luggage a breeze. External straps let you attach other items and roll them with your carry-on bag. Also include these features if you are buying a bag for checking.


  • Identify everything you want to take and try to get rid of half of it. In general, people bring twice as much as they need. Be versatile and choose outfits that mix and match. That way one garment has multiple uses. Layer clothing to prepare for both warm and cold weather. This reduces the number of heavy items like jackets you need to pack. Favor natural fibers like cotton. They are easier to wash and iron during travel. Take only one pair of extra shoes. Black goes with everything. Shoes are very heavy and take up a lot of space. All toiletries should be travel sizes. It is ridiculous to take a huge bottle of something when you will only use a tiny bit. Most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair dryers and towels. Don’t take what you don’t need.


  • Suitcases function best when you eliminate empty spaces. Before you pack do some preparing. Roll up your socks and underwear and slide them inside your shoes. Also roll up pants, t-shirts and other garments. Packing this way will minimize wrinkling. The only clothing you should not roll up are suits and freshly dry-cleaned items. Place all toiletries in a ziplock bag, then put that in another ziplock bag. Double bagging prevents a leak from damaging everything in your suitcase.


  • You will benefit by packing the heaviest items at the bottom of the suitcase. Keep in mind that the bag will be standing up when it is transported. The bottom will be the side with the wheels. Position shoes top to top so they fit together and put them at the bottom of the suitcase. Next lay suits and dry-cleaned clothes sideways inside the bag. Leave the dry-cleaning plastic on them. The bottom half of these items should be inside the bag. Leave the top half hanging out for now. Add your rolled-up jeans, sweaters and bulky items. Fill the spaces with extra rolled-up socks, underwear and other items. Fold the dry cleaning over the top of this middle layer. Close the bag, then stand it up. Open the top again and place your toiletries on top. This puts the least pressure on things that might leak.


  • Airline security regulations forbid the transportation of sharp objects and liquids in carry-on luggage. Either pack these items in your checked luggage or leave them at home and buy what you need at your destination

An Unforgettable Adventure Through Balloon Safaris

An adventurous quality in nothing but a true mindset to do something extraordinary.  Some people are born with an adventurous streak. In order to mitigate the fire of adventure, people try to participate some outdoor activities which are quelled through discovery. On the other hand, other people want to conquer the demon within; these are fear, boredom, stagnation, a sort of dry rot of the soul.

If you compare a layman with an adventurous people, you will find some sort of differences; adventurous people are stronger, braver, tougher, and fitter than a layman. Adventurous people are the real doers. The lust for adventure is planted in childhood.
Psychologists have linked adventure-seeking with a range of positive qualities.

Adventure can:

•    It shape personality traits
•    It teaches resilience and help you cope with adversity
•    It increases your capacity for risk-taking
•    It sharpens your judgments about risk-taking
•    It assists in problem solving and teamwork
•    It promotes psychological toughness
•    It increases your appreciation of nature
•    It promotes strength and fitness
•    It gives you optimism and confidence in your abilities

To exhibit adventurous quality, many activities you can do.  These adventurous activities include ziplining, skydiving, animal encounters, sand boarding, bungy jumping, paragliding, flying (with a jetpack), kayaking, biking and many more activities.

Among all these adventurous activities, hot air ballooning has become one of the tremendous activities offered by the companies across the world.  Through hot air balloon safari you can get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful places which you like to enjoy in true sense. The trip is magical, you have to spend about one hour with a trained pilot. Notably, the pilots are from the developed countries of the world. Before starting your ride, instructions are provided by you. Don’t be scared of hot air balloon safaris, it’s an interesting activity to display your adventurous quality.
Floating over the world’s beautiful locations, you will definitely realise your strength and vigour. Balloon safari will instil you with enough memories to last a lifetime. You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the reserve.

After the balloon safari, you will be treated to a luxurious breakfast to complete the experience as you relax and absorb the moment. It’s not a scared activity, because it is based on scientific principles and knowledge.

Besides showing your adventurous quality, you can use hot air ballooning for various purposes, vacation, engagement, ring ceremony, birthday celebration and marriage.
With the passage of time, in the field of advertisement, hot air ballooning has been used as a tremendous instrument to promote the products and services.

Yerevan – a city which can be discovered infinitely

Yerevan is a unique city.  It has everything that can attract tourists, no matter what purpose they are pursuing during the travel. Lovers of history, culture, shopping and youth entertainment will find what they like at a hospitable capital of Armenian, and even more, as it has something to surprise any traveler.


Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world and its history goes back to 782 BC, when the Urartian fortress of Erebuni was built by the Argishti I king’s commandment. It quickly became an important cultural and commercial center, which dreamed to seize many commanders.

It was captured by Arabs in 658, thus, XI century was marked by the power of the Seljuks. In the XIV Tamerlane got there. In 1554 the city was taken by the Ottoman troops which caused the Turkish-Persian war. At the beginning of the XIX century the army of the Russian Empire reached to the walls of the fortress. But currently Armenia is an independent country.

Today Yerevan is the modern city, which retained the features of the unique history. This feature gives the city a unique picturesqueness and originality, making it special and distinctive.


First, we should pay attention to the historical heritage of the Armenian capital. The ancient citadel of Erebuni and the museum is the opportunity to see the ruins of the old town, which has more than 2.5 thousands years of history, as well as numerous archaeological findings from different eras.

The religious buildings in Yerevan has an enormous interest. Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity, about what reminds the ancient churches St. Sarkis, St. Zoravor and others.

History museum of Armenia is another object that requires a visit, because it collected more than 400 000 unique historical artifacts. The museum of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran has no analogues in Europe. It contains a huge amount of important documents, which helps to study the history of Armenia and many other countries with whom it had trade and cultural ties. Not without purpose in 2012 UNESCO declared the city as World Book Capital.

Other must go place is Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims. It was built in 1965 and reminds the world about the tragedy of Armenian people and that crimes against humanity should not be.

The modern cultural attractions is architectural complex Cascade – a huge ladder system, decorated with sculptures and fountains.

The National Gallery is located on the Republic Square, where presented the masterpieces and works of young talented authors. The classical arts lovers should certainly go to the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Fans of the modern incarnation of creative thought worth to attend Cafesjian Center for the Arts. It was opened in 2009, and the exhibits are taken from the private collection of an American businessman of Armenian origin Gerard Cafesjian.

Accommodation, entertainment and recreation

In Yerevan everyone can easily find a comfortable hotel in accordance with the financial capacity. But even in the most democratic places one can feel like at home, as the tourists are treated well by demonstrating the famous Caucasian hospitality.

Tired of trips to museums, relax and have a snack in the best local restaurants as traditional Armenian cuisine is worthy of attention the most sophisticated gourmet. There are several modern cinema theaters and good nightlife, so who likes the active nightlife will be able to meet its Yerevan version.

The capital of Armenia is ideal for shopping. In the shopping centers there is huge selection of shoes, clothes and jewelry of local and international brands. There is great interest for original souvenirs, as well as the world-famous handmade carpets.

So, in preparation for a trip to Yerevan, it is best to plan excursions to not to forget anything. Visited once you certainly want to come back because Yerevan is a city which can be discovered infinitely.

Chill In Amusement Parks Through Mumbai Tour

Mumbai, the city of dream and the capital city of Maharashtra, attracts a large number of tourists every year because of its beaches, temples, historical monuments, amusement parks, gardens, market places and shopping malls. Mumbai has the ability to bring out the child in you by providing fun and excitement through its amusement parks. If you want to explore the famous amusement parks of Mumbai through Mumbai tour, then following are the list:

Shangrila Water Park

You will never want to miss the peaceful ambience of Shangrila Water Park located in the Mumbai-Nashik Highway. It’s a great fun to enjoy your weekend with family and friends in this wonderful place. This resort-cum-waterpark is blessed with rejuvenating power from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kolad River Rafting

It’s a great enjoyment doing white water river rafting on Kundalika River at Kolad. This can become an unforgettable experience for you. This is an immense recreational activity that gained popularity among the tourist because it provides thrill and excitement along with safety. You can contact which is responsible for arranging this exhilarating adventure at your comfort.

Fantasy Land

It’s an exciting experience to visit this amusement park, which entertains the people of all age groups through its large number of amusement activities. Contact to visit this amazing Fantasy Land of Mumbai established in 1992. It’s situated in Jogeshwari East. You will never want to miss the panoramic view of this beautiful amusement park situated in the background of vast green landscape. This is very important part of Mumbai tour because it attracts a large number of tourists from all part of India and world.